Sparks Session – Photography Workshop

Last week, I attended a photography workshop arranged by Spark Session. It was a fun event with different bloggers came from all parts of GTA. For me, it was the first ever bloggers meet-up, I had since the time I started blogging. Past few years were so packed up with twin pregnancy and then little two babies who kept my hands full. I thought I need to come out of that shell and start participating in the social events going around.


It was started with introduction of the fellow bloggers. To my surprise, world is full of creative people and look I got a chance to meet few in this workshop. It continued with Photography technical tips by Casey E. Palmer and then concluded by Natalie Ho‘s tips to emphasize on the props. Overall it was inspiring session and I did learned many small but useful tips.



Hands-on with few props available at Spark Session.


With beautiful host Elaine from Toronto Beauty Reviews.


With lovely speaker Natalie Ho from My Little Secrets.


I got chance to meet few lovely bloggers from Toronto like Anum from SummerxSkin and Jenny from CrazyStyleLove.


I have already enrolled to the SEO for Bloggers and looking forward to attend and learn more and more. Till then enjoy blogging and the weather.

Houndstooth Coat

Life is tough yet awesome for this mommy of twins. Frankly speaking, I hardly get time to sit in front of my laptop. I use iPad or my Nexus to remain connected to few of the blogger friends. Most of the new parents do say that life gets better after babies reach 1 year milestone but for me it’s still no less than marathon.

On another note, Toronto is getting better these days as the temperature is rising. It’s the best time to get out of snow jackets and enjoy the flavour of light coats or trench. Today I got a chance to go for some shopping since my husband was baby sitting.  Only now, I know that it is no less than a luxury to shop around without any tension.

I tried dressing up in some magenta, after all spring is all about flowers and colors. Hounds tooth coat added the necessary feel of warmth and style. I love this coat from Sheinside, it is perfect for current weather in Toronto.

Coat (buy here), Jeans (buy here) I Ankle boots (buy here) I Top (H&M)

IMG_1198TX  IMG_1199IMG_1209r  IMG_1218 IMG_1222

Coat (buy here), Jeans (buy here) I Ankle boots (buy here) I Top (H&M)

Shopping the smart way

One of the activities that every human being performs on a regular basis is shopping. Some shop to fulfill their basic necessities, while others shop for fun and being up-to-date with the latest trends. Whatever may be the reason, one point we all look for while shopping, be it online or through stores, is to find the best deals first. Technology has brought us to a point where we have freedom at our fingertips to compare the prices of the items we want to buy, offered by multiple brands or stores and decide on which brand or store to choose for buying that product.

Based on my personal experiences, I would like to bring forth some useful points which has helped me find great deals and has saved me money while shopping:

Image Creditsmart-shopping-tips

1) Price Comparison Apps/Plugins: Today most of us has access to internet through mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. which brings to me to the first tip, price comparison apps or plugins. These are in abundance nowadays and can be downloaded from multiple vendors/developers, and most of them are freely available. This has opened window of possibilities for shoppers like us to figure out the best deals in the market before actually thinking of buying any products. These apps/plugins take our location and finds out prices offered by multiple vendors nearby for our product of interest.

2) Shopping Off-Season: Saving money on clothing requires intelligent thinking and purchasing bit differently. Sale time is the best time to pick clothes for the complete year. During a sale, prices are reduced or they offer buy one and get one free kind of deals. They are super saver and worth the money.  It may sound insane to think of summer clothing when it’s cold outside, but it can save a lot of money. Biggest sales occur at the end of the season. So choose the best time and buy accordingly.

3) Saving Money by Using Coupons: These days we as consumers are getting more and more aware of the products and services we are purchasing and so companies are competing hard to get our attention. One of the way they are accomplishing this is by providing coupons which can be used by us for a discount. A coupon generally has a due date by which it should be used. There are online sites like Flipit which are specifically serving this sole purpose of keeping coupon information for users. Coupons which can be used in-store can be found in the store fliers or printed from store website.

I hope above pointers help you saving dollars while shopping. I would love to know your experience with them.

Passage to India Look 4 : Embroided chiffon churidar suit

Indian wear are one of the most talked about dressing system in the world. Be it sari or salwar suit, they remain evergreen on any Indian girl’s list. It’s easy to carry and look graceful at the same time. There are many shops in India who keep latest designer pieces and charge pretty high. Not everyone can afford them. Does that mean you can’t have them?



When you purchase a dress from a shop they charge you more considering they have to make a setup or open a showroom. On the other hand, online shopping buzz is everywhere. People don’t have much time to visit all showrooms on the street can easily choose to enjoy shopping online. You can relax at your home and do the shopping. That’s a perfect shopping idea for busy people.



Talking about it, online shops like Triveni Sarees are perfect place to find low-priced latest designer fashion. They even provide stitching just made to fit your vital statistics. You pay less but get designer material and great fit. I tried them for my recent party wear and I totally loved them. Easy ordering, easy shipping and a perfect dress at the end.

Embroided Churidar Suit –  c/o Triveni Sarees

In the end all I can say – If you get what you aimed for, it leaves you with a happy face.

Use the discount voucher 20 times or for first 20 users on everything across site except under CLEARANCE SALE to get flat 10% OFF on a minimum purchase of Rs 1999

Use Coupon Code – First20


Latest Trend of Purchasing Jewellery Online in India

The trend of sporting jewelry dates back to the ancient times. Every woman desires to possess matching jewelry with their outfit. No wonder, how simple their outfit is, still if they select the perfect piece, it will definitely spice up their attire. Keeping oneself updated about the latest trends in jewelry is extremely important.

Indian customs and culture are truly time-honored and have continued their quintessence throughout these ages. In actual fact Indian jewelry shares the similar destiny. You can get them in unbelievable shapes, designs, sizes, patterns and colors. There are various designs of jewelry that have actually stuck musical tones with the rest of the globe. It incorporates Kundan, Tarkashi, Meenakari, Jadau and Kemp jewelry.

In the recent times, you can easily get every kind of jewelry at online portals that have excellent reputation and status. Online shopping of jewelry in Indian has created a niche for itself in the global market owing to the exotic aesthetics and beauty of its designs. Jewels are not only considered to be simple adornments, rather it is thought to be elements of creative self-expression. Therefore, because of this, the demand of buying jewelry online in India has increased by leaps and bounds.

Tips for Purchasing Jewelry from Online Stores

Jewelry symbolizes perfection and opulence. This beyond doubt adds to the wonderful experience of purchasing jewelry online. Purchasing jewelry online is actually gaining extreme popularity. Moreover, the obvious reason for its popularity is that majority of the people have started using Internet as the main medium to satisfy all their needs and requirements. Some of the few tips that you need to keep in mind for purchasing jewelry at affordable price range are:

  • Always select a reputable and decent online jewelry portal
  • Make it a point to embark on vigilant research and investigation
  • Always be sure about your size
  • Wait for special deals and offers to buy exclusive jewelry
  • Check the delivery services of the website

Hence, if you follow these tips, then you can really buy jewelry with self-assurance and poise.

Online Jewelry Shopping is a Pleasurable Experience

The wider attainment provided via the Internet is really working in a positive way for the sellers as well as the buyers of today’s time. If you desire to possess an exclusive piece of jewelry now, then you can easily rely on online shopping medium to make it a reality. No wonder, you will get fashionable jewelry pieces online and that also at affordable price range. Purchasing jewelry online is not a difficult task. The process of purchasing jewelry from an online store is easy and very quick.

Why Choose Indian Jewelry?

Indian jewelry is quite popular and well-liked because they are eternal. Indians have always been fascinated by jewelry and till date the love for jewelry amongst women has not dwindled. The jewelry manufactured in India is striking, rich and of spectacular designs that make every woman go crazy for it. Women are very well aware about the value of these jewelry items made of lovely materials, stones, colors and styles. It is not a tough job to marvel the extensive collection of jewelry items accessible online in India. Be it beaded jewelry, Kundan, diamond or antique jewelry, every piece has its own distinctiveness. When you are planning to buy jewelry from online stores, then you are at full liberty to spend your precious time in glancing at every possible item available from the comfort of your home or office and pick the appropriate one. – India’s Coupons & Deals website

Today on the blog, I am reviewing a coupons and deals website called COUPONRANI and  currently they have many awesome deals going on the occasion of Republic Day. I have seen many similar coupons website in other countries where I have stayed till now but many of them needs prior registration. Needless to mention, doing registration bore me till death. On the same note, I never expected online industry in India to be such a major success in a short span of time. It gives me immense pleasure to see modern India developing with such a rate. I have personally used FlipKart,  Zovi Discount Coupons 2014 and Myntra for sending gifts and flowers to my relatives and friends in India. They leave me super impressed with faster delivery and awesome collections. Living on the other side of the world, it has surely made my life easier. Now, I am able to send gifts to people I love and able to see them smiling. It’s all worth it !!

This is the look of the website as of now and coupon is just click a away.


Coming back to CouponRani, they are amazing site for getting great deals and discounts. I read their about us, and appreciate their commitment and promise -”We promise you Free Coupons That Work always. We will provide you with best experience by showing only coupons that we test at-least once a day.

I personally recommend it to all the readers – At least try them once, to check their offers and service. Who doesn’t love getting their hard work money saved !! Isn’t it ?

They are easy and doesn’t need any registration process. All you have to do is to click on the brands and avail the discount offers. You can find all major brands/online store coupons over there. Even you can get tech stuff at Redbus Offers 2014Adlabs Imagica Discount Coupons. Avail discounts on the air fares for Domestic flights.

With this, I wish you a great weekend and happy shopping.

Stay safe and stay blessed.

Sally Hansen® Complete Salon Manicure Review

This morning, I received my ‘The Sally Hansen Total Knock Out VoxBox’ from Influenster. Just like every woman, I am very fond of nail paints and keep trying the new ones to check their durability. I am honored that Influenster choose me to review ‘The Sally Hansen complete SALON Manicure.’ The colors which they send me for review purpose were 1). 540 Jaded 2). 470 Red My Lips and 3). 510 Pat on the Black.


Though all the colors were amazing but 2). and 3). suited more to my skin tone, so I choose them to apply on my nails. Talking about the quality of this nail paint, believe me – It’s a class apart. You can actually get the result of a salon manicure with this single nail paint. It is not just a color but a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, salon-inspired color, top coat, chip-resistance and a gel finish all in 1 bottle .It comes with a brush for a flawless finish.VBox


  • Base Coat
  • Strengthener
  • Growth Treatment
  • Color
  • Top Coat
  • Chip-Resistant
  • Gel Shine


It has some very nice color shades as shown below.

Fullscreen capture 182014 40543 AM.bmpIn their words – ‘It’s a total package.’
I would surely recommend this product to all my friends and followers, since it has a great quality as well as balance of big benefits with respect to price one has to pay. Go and be salon ready !!


Sally Hansen complete SALON Manicure is sponsored by Influenster, however all opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide for Her

Just few days are left for Christmas/New year to arrive. Everyone is busy buying gifts for their near and dear ones. Shopping malls are flooded with crowd and it’s hard to decide for the best gift for ladies in your life (Mother / Sister / Wife/ Girlfriend). That’s where online shopping comes handy and easy to shop around. Thousands of sites are having great offers for holiday season and many of them are offering complimentary free shipping.

In the midst of that, I recommend Anjolee - The art of jewelry for all your jewelry shopping needs.
I have become biased for their products since they offer beautiful intricate designed jewelries and a lot of customization options, which is great to adjust as per your budget. The high quality images throughout the website gives you the finest detailed look of the jewelry item. By clicking on the 360-Rotation links you can view all jewelry on the site in 360 degree angle. This is something which I love about this online store that they allow you to carefully examine every jewelry item before making an order for purchase. On top of that they have 30 day return policy which states – All customized orders can be returned for full refund within 30 days of receipt. Isn’t that wonderful and trustworthy?

Here are few of my personal selection of jewelry item for family gift.

Three Prong Gemstone And Diamond EarringsLW_se8_gem_w_b
Elliptical Link Diamond Bracelet


Diamond Heart Studs


Classic Twist Diamond and Gemstone Bracelet


My favorite of all of them is the Tennis Bracelet collection.

With this, I wish all of you a wonderful happy holidays. Thank you each of you for sharing few moments of your life with me. Stay safe and stay inspired.

Disclosure: I am compensated for this post, however all opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

Lose Some Tummy Mummy Series : Keep Walking/Running

imageThis is a real life journey of twins mom and her efforts to get back to her shape.

Are you starting to think healthier but having a hard time sticking with these changes?  Good news : You are not alone.

Almost after 8 months from my c-section, I realized that I can’t stand myself in front of mirror. I still have nearly 30 lbs to lose before I get my  pre pregnancy weight. Contrary to most women, I didn’t gained much while I was pregnant but it was after delivery that I was asked to eat good in order to feed well the little twins.  It looks I have taken advantage of that situation to eat any and everything. But now, all the time my mind force me to think, do I choose to look this rest of my life? Definitely NO.

With each and every post of this series, I will commit to stick by my own rules and choose to look and feel better. I will introduce one healthy solution once at a time in my regular routine.

Walk/Run to Lose Weight

Walking/Running is one of the best exercise for people who are keeping really busy in life. As my twins are growing up, they need my help and attention more n more and I find really short of time to manage my family and visitors expectations well. As your family grows, it’s really important to at peace with yourself. If you are a regular reader of my blog then, it can’t get unnoticed that I haven’t blogged for long. Writing a blog is a creative outlet of your personality and I find it really difficult to write if my mind is wandering. Concisely, I mean to say that walking/running is a double benefit for me as well as for you – 1). Exercise 2). Self realization

Since at this stage of my life spending lot of time in gym is not possible, so I started doing walking/running to keep well and lose weight. No hard targets but being regular is my focus. With this thought, I wish luck to you and myself.

30-60 Minutes Of Being Uncomfortable Is Better Than Being Uncomfortable Your Entire Life!


Top 5 Fab Fall Finds

**** Original post was written as a contributing article to TIFScene. Read here ***

Fall is a wonderful season and one of my favorite of all. Not only it brings cool breezy winds but also lots of color. Talking about it, I personally believe that your closet should also depict little of fall and its beauty in it. This fall is all about camouflage, statement jewelry, leather, blue color and boots.

Here are Top 5 Fab Fall Finds to refresh your closet.


  1. Leather jackets are the best way to look chic and stay warm. Buy at Danier
  2. Fall is offering lot of handbags which have great silhouettes, rich textures, and bold hues. Buy at Guess
  3. Statement necklaces are best trick to add dimension to any simple outfit. Buy at The Bay
  4. Incase afraid of wearing camouflage then add a pinch of it by picking a handbag. Buy at Gap
  5. Get a pair of classic boot to wear for work as well as for routine outing. Buy at Guess

Giveaway Contest : Win ‘Handbag with a secret’ by Shwa

Nothing defines sophistication more perfectly than a well-structured bag. If you choose to look chic and classy, then Shwa is the perfect handbag boutique to explore. It is founded by young entrepreneurs Ira Jhangiani-Jain and Chandni Nihalani who believes in research and innovation before finalizing the design. Shwa’s uniqueness lies in a little secret inside each handbag! They had a great Season 1 collection and now it’s time for Season 2.

Season 2 handbags comes with a Tarot Card inside, which is meant to attract a certain form of positive energy into our lives. If you carry the “The Lovers” Tarot Card inside your bag it will attract a love relationship into your life. If you carry the “STRENGTH” card then you will be gaining inner strength. If you carry the “SUN” card  it will bring happiness and vitality!

Before you move to their showroom, you have a chance to win free handbag from Shwa.

PicMonkey Collage

Any 1 winner will get handbag of their choice( from below displayed collection A, B or C) from Shwa Enter contest below by following few simple steps.

  • Like Facebook page for Pink Jasmine by Shilpi .
  • Like Facebook page for Shwa .
  • Share this Giveaway picture with your friends on your Facebook account and tag Pink Jasmine by Shilpi and Shwa.
  • In the comment section, tell me which one is your favorite handbag A, B or C. Leave your email-ID too. In case you are already following us then comment below to let us know.

Lucky winner will be chosen on the basis of random draw on all entries and will be announced by 9th Nov 2013 on my FB page. Feel free to write me back at for any queries or issues. I will be happy to help you. Enter now and win. All the best.

Giveaway ends on 8th Nov 2013.
*** Open only for Indian residents***

*******************************Contest is closed***************************************

Fashion Blogger Interview : Shalini from StylishByNature

Shalini Chopra is the voice behind StylishByNature, a fashion and lifestyle blog. She covers fashion, food, wine, shopping places and almost everything required to look and feel great. I am sure you would love to know more about her. She is a wonderful blogger as well as a nice friend to me in the blogging world.


Connect with her – Facebook Twitter Pinterest | Blog

  1. Tell us about yourself and how you started blogging.
    I always loved wearing stylish outfits since my childhood. I inherited that from my parents. I was posting my outfits on various online portals for the past few years and was getting requests to start blogging. Initially, I ignored the requests due to time crunch. However, eventually I gave it a serious thought and started pursuing my passion for fashion with my blog.
  2. How would you describe your own personal style?
    My style is eclectic. I buy in luxury boutiques but also in casual stores. My goal is to show you how we can be beautiful, trendy, stylish in every sense, pondering the purchase according to the latest trends of the moment! I hope to be a source of inspiration for everyone who likes fashion and those who want to embrace this world..
  3. How did the idea for your blog StylishByNature come about?
    Stylish-By-Nature is a fashion and style blog for all like-minded people who believe that style runs in their blood and is as important as breathing. Here you will find lifestyle, design, events; everything that can be useful to your image. Look forward to more on fashion, food, fitness, fun, friends and flavors of life.
  4. Where do you find your fashion inspiration?
    I draw inspiration from anything and everything around me. It could be movies, fashion magazines, nature or blogs. I do not follow trends blindly. I take into consideration my body type and comfort before adopting a trend.  My fashion idol – Blake Lively.
  5. How do you manage your personal and blog life together?
    Family support and time management is the key here.
  6. What is the biggest challenge about fashion blogging?
  7. Any health routine which you follow everyday ?
    1 hour of gymming with my personal trainer + eating healthy keeps me glowing.
  8. Tell us some wonderful memories of blogging world.?
    Blogging helped me connect with the stylish female within me. The one who zooms into action once you throw a challenge to her.  Also, it helped me connect with like-minded people and I got some wonderful friends now in my life.
  9. Any comments about Pink Jasmine Styling ?
    I really appreciate your will power to continue blogging along with your full-time job as mom with your twins. I think it would have been a challenge for me personally.
  10. Any piece of advice for new Fashion bloggers?
    Be Original … Readers are smart enough !!

    Thanks for such a great interview Shalini and Pink Jasmine Styling wishes you a wonderful journey ahead.


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