Twins 2nd Birthday Party Home Decor DIY

Yay !! My twins turned two and my happiness is beyond expression. Unlike last year, we decided to throw a private birthday party for our kids. We didn’t invite anyone but just us. This year I really wanted my kids to fully enjoy the day and get full attention of their parents. We divided the celebration into 2 day affair –

  1. Weekend Birthday – Day when we will have a private birthday party and a photo session.
  2. Weekday (Actual Birthday) – When we give them their birthday gifts and let them enjoy it full plus visit to an indoor playground (it’s silly winter here).

So for a birthday party, I did few quick and easy decor based on my Sunshine theme. They were mostly paper based so wasn’t at all costly.

Toddler Birthday Decor14

Why I Think I Am Not A Perfect Mother

Every time I meet my friends, colleagues or fellow mom, we end up complimenting each other  with the phrase, ‘You are a perfect mom!’ But the reality is much different then that. Half of the time in real life we are way away from the word ‘perfect’ or at least that holds true for me.

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Polka Dot Drapes Tutorial

Today I am sharing with you all my last week’s  effort in getting these drapes finished for my condo living room. My living room has a mix of red and black furnitures and I was looking for drapes of nearly matching shades but I couldn’t find anything worth attractive. That made me decide to make one of my own. It was a hard work for few days but at the end it is totally unique and worth it.

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Polka Dot Drapes


Saddle Up: Styling for the Race

We don’t always think of the horse races as elegant affairs, but racing festivals are, in fact, some of the most anticipated sporting, social, and fashion events of the year. Every year, thousands flock to race courses to see magnificently trained horses compete, showcasing some truly remarkable avant-garde fashion. Some goes to extreme lengths to stand out from the crowd, having dresses and hats custom-made for them for the event.

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With the Cheltenham Festival quickly approaching and Betfair explaining that Wednesday, 11th March, will be Ladies’ Day, you’d be excused if you want to go a bit out of your way to dress up for the races as well. Here are our top tips for styling for the big day:

Start Out Strong with a Big, Beautiful Hat
If you’re not a fan of wearing hats on any other day of the year, then the horse racing season is definitely the perfect time to start. A feature on the Royal Ascot run by CBS News showcases just how far people are willing to go when it comes to wearing ornate hats to the races, with everything from peacock feathers to large, bulbous flowers adorning their hats.

fascinator beautiful hats


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