Favourite Pick from India Circus by Krsna Mehta

In this fun world of shopping, I found an extraordinary online shop which took me right back to India (my beautiful land) and its varied culture. The name of this adventure is IndiaCircus by Krsna Mehta. It’s unique, classy and fashionable. You can find the design close to your heart and some old memories can get flash right before you.

I like beautiful things and when they become part of your daily life, it leads to happiness. I am not a spendthrift  so when I put my hard earn money to something, I consider it to be useful for  a long time. That’s how every middle class family thinks in India.  On this note, I highly recommend you to give a try to this home decor and everything pretty shop called ‘India Circus by Krsna Mehta’.

India Circus


Formal in Peach & Accessories Picks

It’s hard to believe that July is almost ended and we are just left with few weeks of summer. Time is really moving very fast and surprisingly it’s been almost 4 years after I moved to Canada. This country is amazing and I love the mix culture over here. Toronto is a city where you can end up seeing faces from all the parts of world early in the morning. I love the part, that I just have to walk down ( though many times I run down)  to my office.  Here’s a quick look for my one summer office outfit.

Formal wear


{Product Review } Essence Products for Fall/ Winter 2014 Collection

Have you seen the latest Fall/Winter collections from Essence?  Get ready to experience some of the best shades of nail paints and lipsticks. I totally believe that you can conquer the gloominess with brightness in your makeup and so does Essence. Here’s a preview to what’s my favourite from the collection.

Essence FallWinter Collection


{Product Review} Essence Long-lasting Lipstick Review

Being a professional women and working in a 9-5 kind of schedule, I totally understand the need of long-lasting lipsticks. You can find lots of long-lasting (aka stay all day) lipsticks in the market but only certain are reasonably priced. Essence long-lasting lipstick definitely gets my approval. Although, I have already reviewed one of my favourite stay all day lipstick here but that was a very costly brand.


Essence Lipstick Review (more…)

Kaftan Top & Crop Jeans – Negative Effect of Social Media & Happy Birthday Partner

Are you having fears to login to your Facebook? Trust me you are not alone !!
Undoubtedly, it has major influence on everyone’s life. On one side, you feel happily connected to even your kindergarten friends but on the other, gets under depression watching perfect love, perfect food, perfect vacation and perfect family. It seems everyone is happily friends with others, travelling, relaxing with coffee or eating the best home cooked food. But in reality, life is much different. Check out this video, it’s amazing :)

Kaftan Blouse


Fuchsia Blazer with Stripes & My favourite Blogger

Fuchsia is such a happy colour during summer. I loved this colour (in India, we refer it as ‘Raani colour and now I know the reason, why? ) since my childhood, when I use to wear it in skirts, tops, blazer and sometimes just in accessories.  I got this blazer from Forever 21 Canada and it is a soft woven blazer having a single-button closure. It can be perfectly combined with any skirt or dress, in a way, easy to go stylish piece.

Toronto Style


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