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Bring on Spring : Floral dress & Denim jacket

Hey Friends,

So how was your weekend ? Hope you all had lots of fun with friends & family.

As you all know Spring is approaching and so is the season of variety,colours and clothes. Spring always surprise us with lots of chances to try new styles and exciting clothing-line.

It’s a season of inspiration for several designers producing fantastic fashion trend. Personally speaking I found ‘Italians’ having best spring collections and ITALY is rated as  one of the most stylish country too. Wish I can get a chance to explore Italy in future 🙂

Pastels and pops are in Fashion nowdays. Do try some combination of the same on your spring collection. Every shop is right now filled up with new Spring-2012 designer cloths.

I tried this H&M floral short dress with Denim jacket to give it a perfect spring look. Matched it up with few accessories and my Guess watch. Choosing right hairstyle is always a ‘pain’ but I gave a chance to my all time favorite ‘Windswept-Bun’. And it’s very simple to make this bun which just needs rolling-up all hair  in form of ponytail and then creating a round bun there. That’s it. Lose hair will fall down which gives total windy glam look. Do give it a try and you will be amazed by the look.

So check-out my first Spring-2012 photo-shoot.

Floral Dress – H&M
Denim Jacket – Armani Exchange
Purse – Sia
Legging – HUE
Boots – Ardene
Watch – Guess

Sincerely speaking, I have no idea how many readers I have who read the complete post but my love for fashion supply me sufficient zeal to continue with the post writing 🙂 I have very few readers and I love them totally for their trust in me.

Best gift you all can give me is by reading my post and just dropping a very small message telling me what you feel about my humble style attempt. I consider you all as my friend and would appreciate your involvement too. So share your feedback personally to improve this journey and make it more entertaining for all of us.

Some of my constant readers/supporters are Renu, Hina, Tushti, Stylish by Nature, Neha , Abhishek, Preeti, Natasha, Pria, Style-delight and many others. You all rock my every post by your presence and I sincerely appreciate it from my heart.

With this note, I am looking forward to hear for your plans for Spring. Share with me what is your idle spring dress ?

Send it to me on my email shilpi@pinkjasminestyling.com and I will get it published on my page with your details.

Have a lovely weekdays ahead. Thanks once again for reading my blog.

Goddess Look

Hi everyone,

Perfect goddess look seen in Filmfare 2012 award function by awesome ladies – Bipasha Basu & Priyanka Chopra.

Personally  speaking, I find both these ladies having amazing style when it comes to chosing dress for award functions. They have superb body and adding to that gorgeous smile.

Bips Dress :

Bipasha is wearing golden gown with tacky gold headband adding perfect Gothic look. Her designer for this dress is Shantanu and Nikhil. Wooo …. she is really super-hot lady having perfect body.

Bips Makeup :

Golden touch-based with fish eye-do.

Priyanka Dress :

Priyanka is seen in Ferragamo gown with sky blue touch. She added to it perfect clutch by Ferragamo.

Priyanka Makeup :

She chosen very nude makeup to compliment the base of dress. Adding a perfect red pout would have sincerely improved the look by 1000 times. But neverthless, flow of gown in her body complimented this amazing dress.


Hope we can see these DIVA’s  in more styling gown/dress for next season of Filmfare Award 2013 and hope they chose perfect make-up to match it up.

Bips and Priyanka you both rock the show !!!!

Rugged Indo Western : Pink blazer & Neon hand bag

Hi everyone,

Hope you all doing great !!
I am just back from Niagara after spending two wonderful days over there. It was an amazing season with chilly winds but strong sun shine. It’s a beautiful small city known for ‘Niagara falls’ and it touches the border of North America. Lot of fun rides which I am passionate about and for the first time I tried golf (P.S : Kid golf field…lol) and was almost winning the game when DKD made the last few great shots and I missed winning. Since it was no trophy game so I took the defeat easily 🙂

So here’s my one of rugged jean look from Niagara trip in pink blazer with some neonic love –


Pink Blazer – H&M
Neon Yellow handbag – GAP
Jeans – Lewis
Black tee – GAP
Earring – Cleo
Bracelet – H&M
Pumps – Suzyshier
Neck chain – Forever21
Watch – Guess

Do share your feedback and I would also need your suggestions for stuff you would like me to try styling.

Thank you so much for sparing your important time for reading my blog.

Niagara chill : Leather jacket & Snow boots

Hi everyone

I am so very happy and excited to launch my site Pink Jasmine Styling – Quest for style by Shilpi. Believe me it’s a moment of extreme joy as well as am little nervous since I have to meet everyone’s expectation. Hope I keep improving with every single post. Thank you all for becoming a special part of my journey.

There are few very important people involved in making this site ready and without them it was not possible to own it – Mr Dipankar Krishna (Friend & husband) & Mr Anurag Bansal(Graduation college senior & owner of http://www.guturgu.com, http://www.knowliz.com). I truly appreciate and thank them for their help.

In my site you will find on right side corner few buttons for social networking – Feel free to join me. I never used Twitter so probably I have to start tweeting.

During weekend I was in Niagara so happen to do few shoots. It was very sunny but very cold over there so I  end up covering myself in my Red melton coat and leather jacket. It was freezing so nothing better then Snow boots suited the season.

This purple bag is random purchase by me from London UK and I carry it mostly during journey since it can store almost my whole wardrobe. I am just kidding !! But truly it is stylish as well as very handy for carrying small small stuffs.

This time I have experimented with some neon nailpolish(yellow) and it came out quite well. So don’t be afraid try and rock a simple outfit by using neon nails.


Red Coat – Jacob
Jeans – Lewis skinny
Leather jacket – Forever21
Snow boots – Cougar Bay
Sunglass – Aviator Rayban green
Red top – Shoppers stop
Bag – London

Feel free to share any problem or difficulty you find in my present site and I will surely take a look and try to improve. I have few more shoots to share but I will use my next blog for it.

Thank you all so much for reading.




Winter Cover : Melton coat & Diva jeans

Hi everyoneI really feel blessed to have a talented photographer in my husband who crosses all obstacle to do wonderful photo-shoot for me at an extreme temperature (-8° ). I am planning to call him with some catchy name in all future post since it looks more better then mentioning ‘Husband’. We are still exploring the names 🙂

Since it was very cold outside and all covered with snow so I thought of wearing my Melton red coat with Lewis ‘Diva’ skinny jeans. There is a small story behind my this jeans – I bought this jeans from Indian lewis shop before my marriage which was 2006 and was in total love with it. But since they were having non-availbility of large size so I end up buying medium size (although it wasn’t fitting me then). As obvious, it was a bad purchase for me that time but now when I am back to fit zone I love wearing them and believe me it is little loose on me . Time changes and so the size.

This wonderful warm scarf is gift by my brother from Paris and it has ‘PARIS’ written all over. I simply love wearing them in winters to give some warmth to my neck.

Long melton coats are very much in demand nowdays and best part is they come in great sizes to fit and show the curves. They have large variety of bright colours available in market. I choose red due to my extra love for this colour.

I have used my same old red pumps to match it up with coat and I use this pather-print handbag to add an edge.

Jeans – Lewis Diva collection
Red melton Coat – Jacob
Panther Bag – Old navy
Red pumps – Winners
Scarf – Coutesy : Brother
Fur Headband – Bay
Hand gloves – CleoEnjoy the post and have a great beginnning of week .[Devider]

Dressed up: Red Jeans

Hi everyone

I can’t tell you how happy I am since I am planning to own my domain name pretty soon. It all seems like some dream but I am sure you all audience made it possible. Soon I will share you details. I am getting little crazy nowdays as sometimes I just miss my daily essential stuffs to find some time to blog. I feel extremely happy while sharing my ideas and styles with you all. You all simply rock the show.

I am today showcasing my extreme love for Red jeans and two ways by which I styled them. I am sure their are nth ways to showcase but due to constrainst I will be showing my two style.

In one of the style, I used black tee with simple texture and fedora to add the glamour and in second style, I used bluish/green saturn top with red headband. I find them really cool for street style wearing. So check them out and let me know how you want to style them. Have fun reading and wonderful weekend.


Red Jeans – Garage

Black tee – Gap
Saturn shirt – Costa Blanca
Fedora hat – Forever21
Red gloves – Cleo

Thank you so much for reading.

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