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Denim Connection : Denim skirt & Leather jacket

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had lovely saturday. This week was higly exciting since it was very sunny and me & DKD went for many long casual walks. Sunday was well spent enjoying sun in Toronto Islands. I always love strolling and watching variety of styles passing near-by  which add so much fun to it. I am hoping it remains sunny now onwards as I can’t take anymore chilling breeze. In the meantime, I visited Indigo – book shop and discovered book called ‘Faboulous at Every Age’ which describes variety of ways of keeping yourself styled all season all years.

I do believe we are here(world) for very short time so it is worth to live in style. Life is so small and it is only worth if I would be able to bring smile to few needy people in society. I really felt the need to find some time for social activity and get associated to it. It will help me fill lot of blank spaces.

I bought these copied Versace sunglass from Ardene and it is really worth the money I spent on it.

Skirt denim – Benetton
Leather Jacket – Used here
Top – Gap
Sunglass – Versace remake
Scarf – Used here
Wedges – Used here
Handbag – Used here

Hope you all like it.
Take care and see you soon.
Much love and thanks for all kindness.

Cocktail Party :: Red short dress & blazer

Hi everyone,

It is such a delight to meet you all in a virtual world of fashion every weekend. Being a full-time IT consultant, weekends are only available time for me to really explore fashion and take pictures. It is absolute pleasure for me to express myself and my sense of style in front of you all. I love when someone likes my attempt and come back with genuine feedback. Life is too short to not try what you dream about – that is only mantra which keeps me moving ahead and my blog. Life treats you in variety of ways and I just try to be my best.

Here are few pictures of my cocktail party look. Seriously speaking I am not a party person but yes when it comes to dressing I leave no occasion.


How I styled this look –

~ I tried choosing bright colour to uplift the mood of party.
~ I tried putting red colour lips  which makes overall personality bold.
~ People who are not comfortable wearing short dress can use some dark skin color tone leggings to have a body-cover look.
~ Try using some high-heels to add sexy look.
~ Use your comfort level make-up but eyeliner and little foundation is must.
~ Wear some jacket, shawl, blazer to prevent evening chill.
~ Take a fashionable golden/silver clutch.

Dress – Costa Blanca
Blazer – The Bay
Pumps – Winners used here
Dark skin tone legging – Hue
Belt – Forever21 used here

Hope you all liked it.

Thanks so much for finding time to read it.

Journey from Fat to Fit : Part-1

Do you look forward for a fit body ?

Read the full article if you feel motivated by the difference in below picture of mine.

Yes, I was born in a middle class family where primary focus of life was all about  education, job, character, marriage, love, emotions blah blah….
As I completed my B.Tech within couple of years, I  became part of marriage institution with an awesome guy from Tripura. Like most of the average Indian girl I thought, life will be much different after marriage and yes it was. Loads of commitments, responsibilities, work, relationships and etc. Sometimes you just can’t get time to think what you want in life. Lately , I realized getting  married is just one of the part of life that is in no way suggest you to start finding excuses to be unfit & unhealthy.  Seriously speaking,  I was having very less time left-out for taking care of myself since family became priority and here I started my journey to fatness. Office, kitchen, outing, relatives were only primary things existing  for me at that time. I started neglecting my health which resulted in cervical pain & fatigues. I could easily blame this to my genes but real reason behind it was my poor-lifestyle.

One fine day I realised I just can’t love my family & friends, if I don’t love myself. Here I started my journey for a fit-body and healthy-mind. I enrolled to gym and met amazing people who have beaten age by fitness ~ Mother of two kids but looks like a young college girl.

Trust me, anything and everything is achievable on this earth till you believe in yourself. So never doubt yourself or your existence. Follow your heart and things will fall in place.

There are thousand of tips and tricks but here are very few of my humble attempts to achieve fitness and lose my weight by 40 lbs with all flexibility

  • ~ Start your morning as early as possible (Skip weekends to give yourself break from routine).
  • ~ Start your day with luke-warm water with honey and lemon as it detoxify your body ( Ignore lemon in case you feel uncomfortable).
  • ~ Understand that milk is part of your regular snack, take whenever you feel hungry ( Add some powder to change taste in case you don’t like regular taste of milk). Avoid canned juices or soft drinks.
  • ~ Avoid sugar as much as possible, whatever carbohydrates you need you can easily achieve from your regular meals or fruits ( Feed yourself with some fruit-dessert during weekend meals so u don’t crave for it).
  • ~ If you are regular tea-coffee person, start decreasing your count and restrict yourself to 1 morning and 1 in evening (Great if you can replace it with green-tea, personally I don’t like the taste but it is great metabolic rate enhancer.
  • ~ Take all your meals on nearly fixed time everyday as your body gets prepared for digestion accordingly. Don’t play with your digestion process else it will play with you (Revenge u know ).
  • ~ In order to lose weight, you need not run marathon just start by morning or evening walks for 30 min so that your muscle are in activity for a period of time (Good if you can maintain running else walking is also good).
  • ~ During lunch time, feed yourself  with curd, whole wheat options and vegetables ( Select your own options no strict rule to just take what other suggest till the time it is healthy ).
  • ~ Don’t try to make everyone happy as haters will hate you for your goodness even ( Kill them with decent smile).
  • ~ You are here in this world for your own stuff not to entertain morons ( This always motivates me) so don’t worry about comments.
  • ~ Whenever you have to snack outside, try to find some healthy option in menu (Don’t avoid social gathering showing u are on diet, it makes it difficult to follow).
  • ~ Swallow 10-15 fenugreek seed with water for good digestion (I never took although)
  • ~ Restrict yourself to chewing food all the time else take no-sugar chewing-gum to avoid it.
  • ~ Be with people who motivates you not with degraders of life ( Make friends with people who help you maintain smile on your face rather than one serious cribbers . That doesn’t mean you stop helping people in need).
  • ~ Start going to gym if it is near-by, don’t stress yourself if you can’t as little work-outs u can do at home.
  • ~ Dance more often ( Not bad, if door is closed so nobody notices your silly moves).
  • ~ Take light dinner at 7:00 pm and after that prefer taking liquid diet (Skip on weekends).
  • ~ Take luke-warm milk before going to bed, it helps getting sleep.
  • ~ Go to bed early, keeping all tensions on your drawer (Difficult for many but it really helps).
  • ~ Don’t forget best healer of everything is time and fresh oxygen, so spend time with family in open-air.
  • ~ Don’t forget everyone is born with defect, winners are one who know how to improve with time.

Just follow above points and you will see gradual change in you. No war can be won over nite so give time to your self.

Take care and do give your feedback in blog if you feel it is of any help.

I will appreciate it very much . Thanks for reading.

Floral : Printed pants & feather touch

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are having wonderful weekend as weather was very warm and sunny at Toronto.

First of all let me wish each and every women across the globe a very Happy Women’s day. I also celebrated 2 month’s completion of my blog and I felt really emotional for the wonderful support I got from you all. It’s a journey which I started alone but now I have so many friends. Life seems amazing. I also tried cooking ‘Teriyaki chicken’ and Stir-fry noodles and they came out quite very well. Hope my enthusiasm for cooking doesn’t stop

On 8th March we had HOLI and as usual I missed my country and family. Things are much different when you are away from your country. But surely I have lovely memories to cherish =).

How many of you are Marni fan ? Marni at H&M is amazing collection with lot of class and comfort clothing line and undoubtedly much under budget. If you have any H&M nearby, do check their collection. I spent almost 2 days to complete checking their whole collection and it was difficult to decide which one is best. Well MARNI is MARNI that’s all I can say.

I am a huge fan of floral prints and flowers attract me to all extent. You can make this out from the very name of my site ‘Pink Jasmine’. Particularly, this floral pant is one of my favorite and I booked them in H&M a month ago and to my surprise it was worth. These bright floral prints can really uplift your mood and pairing them with any simple light shade shirt makes it much worth.

Feather pieces are almost a year old accessory but it is one thing which can add elegance to your whole look. So don’t be afraid and pick it up from nearest store.

Floral pants – H&M
Cream caftan – Garage reused here
Red pumps – Winners reused here
Golden bangles both hands – H&M
Peacock earrings – H&M
Sun-glass – RayBan

I am really thankful to all readers and friends associated who visit and provide me with their valuable feedback. Again Monday is coming and so are the ‘blues’. Wish week had 2 Sundays and 2 Saturdays =)

With this note, I wish you all a lovely days ahead and hope God bless your life with wonderful Holi colours. Take care.

Casual with Glam : Khakhi cargo & Green blouse

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend. As spring is approaching, market is getting all crowded with new stuff, colourful items, comfortable clothing. I managed to make to ‘Marni at H&M’ and as expected I was amazed by the collection. They are pretty yet under budget. If you guys haven’t checked it out then do visit H&M store at close location and enjoy the Marni flavour. I always found people getting crazy for such well-known designers selective collections at H&M. One night before only people start making line outside store for getting fresh and cheap stuffs. Fashion is life for some people and I started understanding this very fact now. I breathe fashion and just feel everything right about it.

This blog is on my one of the Spring trial with Khakhi cargo capri and casual green blouse.

I have used few accessories out of which I simply love my Eygptian bracelet.
I have aplied little of eyeliner Loreal Carbon gloss at upper eyelid and green colour pencil to high-light eyes & cherry red lipstic to add glam look. A little bronzer to keep a dusky shade to the skin-tone. Kept my hair loose by using  little volume based shampoo and that’s it for perfect out-of-bed hair look.

Do take a look and enjoy.

Green blouse – Reitman
Cargo capri – Attitude
Green flats – H&M
Egyptian Bracelet – H&M
Belt – Forever21
Neckpiece – Ardene
Sun guard glare – H&M

Last but not the least, all wonderful photographs are taken by my awesome husband by sacrificing his relaxing weekends to support my passion. I simply adore him for this.

Thanks so much for everything.

Hope you liked the post and keep visiting as always.
I am really greatful to all of you for listening and reading my stuff.

Have a safe and wonderful days ahead.