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Giveaway Contest : Win ‘Designer dress’ by PocketFullOfDresses

Finally here is my 1st  Giveaway from PocketFullOfDresses – An online clothing and fashion website that aims to provide a fun and engaging shopping experience to you. Not just they ran an online store but also promotes upcoming designer to showcase their talent. They have some very stylish dress collection and being a girl I keep falling for most of them.

Here are list of Designer dressess available for contest winner to choose from –

Painted Poetry Dress

Madame Glam Dress

Fuschia Superstar Dress

Pretty in Pink Dress

Contest is open from 23rd April 2012 till 8th of May 2012 for Indian residents only.

Here’s what you have to do to win. Follow Mandatory steps to enter contest and to add more chances of winning do +1 Additional entry steps –

  • In comment section, tell me which is your favourite dress in above mentioned list and why?  Leave ur email-ID too. (Mandatory)
  • Like FB page for Pink Jasmine by Shilpi & drop a comment on wall to show your entry. (Mandatory)
  • Follow PinkJasmine2 on Twitter &  tweet their to show your entry. (Mandatory)
  • Like FB page for PocketFullOfDresses & drop a comment on wall to show your entry. (Mandatory)
  • Follow PinkJasmine@Pinterest. (+1 Additional entry)
  • Share this Giveaway on your FB page and tag Pink Jasmine by Shilpi. (+1 Additional entry)
  • Tweet this Giveaway on your twitter account. (+1 Additional entry)

Incase you are already following us then comment below to let us know.

Lucky winner will be chosen on the basis of random draw on all entries and will be announced on 9th May 2012 through my FB page.

More entries more chances of winning !!!

For size details refer here and feel free to drop email at shilpi@pinkjasminestyling.com for any queries and difficulty.

All the  best everyone 🙂

John Carter & OOTD : Collared Shirt & Pullover

Hi everyone,

Hope you guys are having wonderful relaxing time this weekend. Any plans ?

Movies were always weak point for me. So this weekend me and DKD planned for John Carter. Did any of you saw ‘John Carter’ movie uptil now? What an amazing piece of science & fiction story line !!
This movie pointed out that Mars is not a “dead planet”. I loved the role of John Carter played by Taylor Kitsch who due to his high bone density and the planet’s low gravity,  was able to jump fantastically high and throw killer punches. Panoramic view of the movie scenes were amazing. Hats off to the whole team.

Great work !!

On a seperate note, did you guys checked out Stripes Challenge by WhatIWore ? It was so much fun specially watching 92 ladies around the world posing in Stripes. True pleasure to watch. Thanks to Jessica Quirk for arranging it.

Coming back to my blog, today I picked a very relaxing outfit of the day(OOTD). Collared shirts are always in fashion and they work for me everytime I wear them. I choose to wear pullover over my shirt because of chilly winds. This pullover has little twisted-curl in both arms which add uniqueness to it. I brought this ‘World Cancer Badge’ last year and it is very close to my heart. I use it randomly to show my support for movement. So guys do enjoy the shots taken near Toronto Musuem.

P.S – For all my lovely followers, please be informed that in few days, I will be announcing my GIVEAWAY. So keep reading.

Denim leggings – H&M
Collar shirt – Jessica
Pullover – Costa Blanca
Neclace – Bitter Sweet
Sunglass – H&M

Thank you so much for finding time to read it. Appreciate it.


Nail Paints by Sally Hansen

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had wonderful day.

Today I found some great deals for Sally Hansen nail paints Hard as Nails in Pharmaplus for $2 each.

I totally loved them as they are thick-yet-fluid enough to apply and 1-2 coat is more than enough. They dry in not more than 2 min usually. Top Coat dries any nail color with a no-chip shine for up to 10 days. Almost all colours are beautiful but some of my perrsonal favourites are –

(L to R) Grey Area, White On, Cherry Red & Mint Sorbet

Try and let me know incase you find the deal worth going for.
Happy trial and lovely weekend !!

Giveaway Soon : Striped tunic & Flare jeans

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had lovely day.

First of all, some good-news for my readers (whom I am joking to, I know I have very few readers but I love them all) I have a GIVEAWAY Contest (1st Giveaway)  planned for my blog. By next week I will be starting it and winner will get some amazing gifts from Pink Jasmine. This will be open internationally. Stay-tuned and all the best!!

Since childhood only I dreamed of having my own ‘Fairy tale’ – a perfect world with perfect people and love everywhere (that includes even Cinderella dress & her shoes). I am not sure how close I am to such a world but yes I still dream about it. This blog has just helped me actualizing it. I live in my own WORLD now where I have no fears.

Fashion is my way of expressing freedom to do what you love and live happily forever. Sometimes I feel short of words but I always try my level best to express everything through my photographs as it is well said ‘Pictures speak louder than words’.

Fashion is freedom of expression

‘Stripes’ are not a new invention in world of fashion. Since my birth I have seen stripes, it was more common with men during earlier days. Now it is unisex choice. I like stripes and more for the fact that it is such a ease to carry it. Well settled style in Indian as well as in abroad market.

Stripe Tunic – Jessica @Sears
Flare Jeans – Gap
Scarf – Jessica @Sears
Hat – Dollar House
Handbag – Used here
Wedges – Used here

Do you like stripes ?  Share me your idea.

Thank you so much for reading my article



Forest & Sunshine: Pleated skirt & Polka blazer

Hi everyone,

Hope you guys are having wonderful weekend uptil now.

I am glad that finally I got a chance to present my black pleated skirt in front of you all. Elegant-yet-stylish piece of dress to carry. Although I am not feeling very well but still I pleaded to go-out, just to refresh my mood. DKD took me to Brickworks Forest which has amazingly beautiful heart-throb scene to capture.

I have realised that ‘Red’ is coming out to be my favourite colour and most of the time I find something of red in my styles.

This sunglass is one my newest purchase from Gucci and it has wonderful curves at the corner.

Do you love accessories, I simply do as they are one of the things which can make your simple outfit look so chic and classy. So always purchase best accessories and combine it with any basic dress in your wardrobe.

Black purse is something which is found in every girl’s closet. I find it very handy to pick for my regular office days.

Hope you all liked my attempt.
I am all open to hear your idea of styling pleated skirt.

Pleated Skirt – Reitman
Tee – Gap
Polka blazer – used here
Accessories & Watch – The Bay
Handbag – Local Delhi market

Thank you so much for reading my post.

Life & Love : Thoughts from random mind

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not coming up with any styling post this weekend as am not feeling very well (Although still weekend is left and if I will feel bit OK, maybe I will do few shoots). But good part is, I found some time to talk other than fashion over here. First of all, I really feel emotional when people appreciate my attempt for styles and compliment me. It is not easy to re-pay by simply saying ‘Thanks’ as each of your words make me feel wonderful.

In virtual world, where we hardly know each other personally but only through fashion, it’s not easy to accept others. That’s why I call my self ‘blessed’ to have such wonderful people around me who are always ready to help & support me. Now that’s what I call ‘Friendship’. I am in deep friendship with you all.

Recently in many post I encountered few people passing negative remarks and judging others. I am fortunate not to receive any one up till now but still I can feel the hurt. No offense plz, but before making such offensive statements I wish they would have tried making such attempt first. I advice all such people to ‘Be-Human’. I feel if you don’t like anything, ****-off but don’t tend to destroy other’s self-esteem (Yes, I am too serious about such in-human attitude).

Lesson to be human –

“I think fish is nice, but then I think that rain is wet, so who am I to judge?”
Douglas Adams

I don’t consider myself very good writer but this is all what I feel about the issue right from my heart. I am Fashion-lover and for me sometimes all I can afford to speak or write is through my styles and photographs.

Wish you all lovely long weekend and peaceful life . Take care everyone.

Thanks so much for finding time to read my blog.

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