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Featured Reader : Hina Jindal

Presenting you today, one of the Pink Jasmine’s gorgeous reader – Hina Jindal.

She is a CBSE topper in Biology and still chose computer science engineering because of  her phobia for needles, blood , etc. The search for subject of interest did not end here and she decided to pursue  MBA in Human Resource from MDI, India. As of now, she is working with one of the MNC’s as a compensation consultant.

Hina finds Pink Jasmine interesting and mentioned- ‘ I do check your page regularly and it is such a delight to go through it.’ She is one of the readers, who supported the idea behind Pink Jasmine Styling. She wish to see more of formal wears and stylish yet comfortable clothes for expecting woman.

She defines her sense of style as comfortable, stylish, trendy  & believes in learning from others but is against blindly imitating them. In short, it has to be something which is stylish yet comfortable to carry and includes her own creativity.

Her style tip  – ‘Be healthy and happy because a happy and healthy soul is the secret behind natural glow. Experiment with colors, patterns and trust on your mix n match skills. Don’t be a slave of brands.’

She wish great luck to Pink Jasmine Styling.

Thank you so much Hina for your lovely wishes and advices. Keep visiting.

Stay tune to see many more gorgeous faces amongst readers.
Stay stylish forever.

Thoughts : What makes a woman ‘Gorgeous’ ?

Few months back, I thought of writing this post & somewhere deep down I wanted to share it with my readers.

What makes a woman ‘Gorgeous’ ?

Does beauty relates only to be fair, tall, skinny or something more than that?
Does beauty needs any endorsement.
So what makes a woman earn compliments like ‘ stunning’, ‘ beautiful’ etc.
Undoubtedly, beauty is indeed skin deep.

This is one of the most important characteristic to be beautiful. Beauty without character is almost like heart without love. It is something which is totally under your control and worth of all pain. Never do anything at your character’s stake.

Few people are lucky enough to be born with flawless skin and some make effort to make it. Nevertheless, I try giving every kind of nourishment possible to keep improving my skin. Eat right & sleep tight are the most important pointers.  Be happy from inside and your skin will glow eventually.

Single most truth existing on this fast world. Everyone wants to be loved but hardly love others. Don’t bound your emotion to people, it’s perfectly beautiful if you don’t attach  any condition. Love your parents, friends, pets, children & work.  Nature always maintains a balance – If you ever give love, you will definitely receive it back today or tomorrow. Try it.

 I have realized that I simply find people attractive who just pass-by me and give casual, unintended smile. It adds so much value to a normal looking person. It makes your skin glow and creates a positive environment.

Let GO
Is it really hard to forgive a person? Unless you know that it is less painful to keep yourself attached to it. I believe ‘What goes around, comes around.’ Set your heart free from all pain &  injury and accept yourself by forgiving others. Just let it GO.

It includes everything from the way you walk, talk or express your views. Know your style and stick to it. Don’t be influenced by western stuff if you know that you can carry Indian outfit well. People are not attracted to dresses but how your body carry them. Stay confident.

Be good to others even if they choose to be bad to you. Love your relations and relationship will bloom automatically. Give more and expect less is key to successful relationship.

Wish you all a wonderful life.

Summer Dress for Office : Striped shirt & Knee-length skirt

Summers are officially arrived in for many countries. This season brings so much of latest trends and patterns to explore but when it comes to formal, choices are always narrowed down.

Being a professional IT consultant, I always prefer wearing comfortable yet stylish outfits for office. I am a big ‘Pencil’ skirt fan but this knee-length trial is slightly new one for me.

  • Knee-length are best known for comfort as your legs has full space to move.
  • They can be utilised well for both formal and informal wear.
  • They can be worn with boots or pumps to give professional look.
  • Black/blue/brown/cream are some of the most sold colours for formal wears.
  • Wear them with plain or stripes shirts as both make wonderful pairing.
  • Add some pop-up colour to change it into evening date.
  • Keep it as simple as possible, less or no accessories.
  • Change look by adding colours to belts/shoes rather than sticking to white/black.
  • Basic makeup with gentle lip colour will surely fit the bill.


Condominium & Home

Hello everyone,

A quick post on OOTD while I was enjoying the area near my new home. Yes, I am moving to new condominum soon and surrounding is just awesome. My mornings are now going to face HarbourFront lake view (I am less hopeful since it has surrounding skyscrapers).

Have a nice day ahead. Thanks for all your time. Pleasure.

Passage to India Look 1 : Cotton Kurti & Churidar

Hope you all are having wonderful day so far. This outfit post is right from my heart.

With a super busy weekdays, I ended up relaxing this weekend in my Indian attire. Wearing Indian dress makes me feel so comfortable at times. This suit is not a new one but I got them while my last India visit. On the other hand, I  had a wonderful day watching ‘The Avengers’ which is beautiful flick having almost all super heroes. Must watch and am sure you will enjoy it.

Cotton Kurti’s are so much in fashion since past 3-4 years and I have realized they are still in trend. Ladies wear it with jeans, salwaars & churidars and in many other styles. I usually shop them from Pantaloon & W for women although there are lot of other shops too. Filled with bright colors and wonderful embroidery  are their selling point and it makes them so beautiful. I am really fond of cotton kurtis and my wardrobe can never have enough.

There is something unique about Indian dresses, they are so colorful and live.

Cotton Kurti – Pantaloon
Churidar & Dupatta – W forWomen
Clutch – Aldo
Accessories – Mix & Match

Thank you so much everyone for reading.

Inspiration of the day : Victoria Beckham

Victoria Caroline Beckham  is not an unknown name in the world of Fashion. She is one of the British lady who emerged from being a Spice Girl to ultimate Fashion Icon. Now she owns her own designing brand which is classy & fabulous.

I am highly inspired by her sense of Fashion. All the dresses from her clothing line are class apart. I am sure that she not only understands fashion but is also a trend setter.

NEW YORK TIMES  quoted on 03.09.2010 –

Ms. Beckham’s persistence is ingrained. “Nothing has ever come easy to me,” she said wryly. “At school I was never the brightest child. I had to work really hard.” Acutely aware of her shortcomings, she can be her own toughest critic. “I’m no Mariah Carey,” she said of her time as a Spice Girl. As a designer, she thinks of herself as still being in a formative stage, her style sense as fungible as her public persona. Why not? “I find it really boring when people are afraid to change,” she said.

For details on her designer line, visit – Victoria Beckham