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Mint Draped Hemline : Relaxed top & Skinny jeans

Sometimes a dress is so beautiful that you just can’t avoid having them in your closet. Similar situation happened with me, when I had a look on this simple, flawless, mint green dress from Oasap. Dacron fabric, slit sleeves, feminine touch and highly crafted draping, makes it a must buy. Year 2012 brought lot of designer’s experimentation on mint green and it was all worth to try it with this dress.

Oasap is one of the most popular online shopping store and has latest high-street fashion finds. Everyday you will find many new fashion products added to its inventory.

Draped Cowl Hemline is one size dress with stretchable lining. Need not worry about fitting as it has relaxed waist and comfortable slit sleeves.  Perfect for summer, spring and autumn season. It has a beautiful black and silver lace work near the slit and that’s what prompted me to wear  black butterfly neck chain and bracelet. Mint on nails has added little more casual look to the outfit. In case you like fitted waist, tie a simple black/silver belt and here you go. It is a perfect ready dress for fancy evening date. To make it look casual, wear it as top over skinny jeans. In addition to its world class fashion line, all items from Oasap comes with free shipping worldwide with 30 days unconditional return, and this is what makes its products worth a try. Doesn’t it sound so handy? Buy now and decide later.

Click on any below picture of mine to find more details about the dress. You can purchase this from Oasap High Street Fashion.

Skinny Jean – H&M (buy similar here)
Mint draped dress (wore as top) – Courtesy Oasap High Street Fashion
Bow toe pump – DKNY
Nail paint – Mint Sorbet Sally Hansen
Accessories & Clutch – Mix & Match

Hope you enjoyed the attempt and feel free to share your views and comments on Oasap experience or on styling.

Retro Vintage Formal : Vintage jacket & DKNY Bow pump

I am highly inspired by ‘Vintage’ or ‘Retro’ form of styling  from previous era. It is something which most of the designers have experimented and Hollywood has a major contribution of re-introducing it to society. When we call something ‘Vintage style’, it actually means –  Exclusive form of dressing during 1920’s to 1960’s.
Who can forget perfect vintage example, authentic 50’s Chanel chain handbag.

“Vintage [clothing] is not only glorious and stylish, it’s also the way forward in terms of recycling. Whenever I go into great vintage stores, I wonder why we ever buy new things.”  – Thandie Newton

I have realized Vintage clothes has something for everyone and it is really full of great fabric work. Colors and items are very attractive and catch a lot attention by  people.  I usually try mix & match way for styling and keeping only one item Vintage at a time, else it looks excessive of retro.

Today I have created Vintage formal look by wearing this 1960’s look jacket and matched it up with straight (not pencil) skirt. I chose mix of black and grey as they are one of the most favorite color among all vintage clothing line. Best thing about them is, they never go out of style. I took the trend of shoes little back by matching this DKNY Bow shaped pump. They have 3inch comfortable heels and can be easily worn for 8 hrs at office, which again supported my formal look. I used simple diamond stud and no other jewellery, keeping it bare minimum.

You can purchase some of the best Vintage style clothes at Shopbop.

Skirt – Jessica (similar here)
Vintage Jacket – Forever21
Bow toe pump – buy at DKNY
Handbag – Wenz Collection (similar here)

Hope you enjoyed the attempt and feel free to share your Vintage style.
Great weekend !!

Featured Reader : Samidha Joneja Duggal

People usually ask me – ‘What inspires you to run this blog?’
And I casually answer them -‘Everything in this world inspires me and I swear by Jonathan Lockwood’s below quote.’

Take time today to appreciate beauty -natural beauty, art, people. Slow down, breathe deeply, smile. It’s a beautiful world.

So today I am introducing you to another gorgeous reader Samidha Joneja Duggal. She is one of the most regular visitor on Pink Jasmine Styling.

As you can easily judge from her sense of style, Samidha is a fashion designer by profession and has done Textile Designing. She is from a very beautiful city of India – Chandigarh and is very passionate about designing. I believe she will be successful and will reach great heights.

Samidha finds Pink Jasmine Styling very interesting and has always appreciated it with her humble words.

She defines her sense of style as mix of Indian, contemporary and western, majorly based on occasion.

Her style-tip  -“A  lady should always be stylish and she should look gorgeous. That makes you happy and people appreciate you. So always try to look pretty and gorgeous.”

Thank you so much Samidha for your good wishes and  regular feedback.
I wish you a great success and  lovely life ahead.

P.S – In case, you are a regular reader of Pink Jasmine Styling and wish to get featured here. Drop me a mail at and let me know more about you.

Healthy Eating : Top 5 Balanced Snacks On-the-Go

Have you ever realised that after doing hours of shopping, we start craving for snacks? Similar situation occurs at office around 3 pm when we feel hungry. Being a working lady, I have noticed – we don’t have much of time to enjoy home-made snacks. We have to base ourselves on quick snacks easily available in grocery store. It is easier for me to cook lunch/dinner, but when it comes to snacks, I fall short of healthy ideas. After some research, I would like to mention top 5 on-the-go snacks which you can carry in your bag for anytime crunching and not affecting diet regime.

  1. Low fat yogurt – This is one of my personal favourite snack and I add few berries and little of dry fruits or granola to increase the portion without introducing any fat content to it. You get an ample amount of fibres as well as Omega-3 from it. Read details here.
  2. Crispy split peas – They are crunchy and very tasty in form of snacks. Keep them handy and eat wherever you crave. They come in many flavors, so avoid the ones with cheesy coatings. One of my favourite – Wasabi-Peas.
  3. Granola bar – You can find them in any grocery store and people are extremely fond of it. But always do check their nutritional value mentioned at the back of the packing to decide which one is better. Avoid fatty bars covered with chocolate, peanut butter etc. They are really effective as a snack bar.Checkout more varieties here.
  4. Fruit Smoothie – These are perfect homemade beverage. Just add some fruits in low-fat yogurt with ice in mixer and here you go. It’s a healthy drink with lot of vitamins and is perfect for summers. You can carry them anywhere in insulated flask. Tarla Dalal smoothie recipe here.
  5. Poha/ Rice Flakes – This is one of the most favourite snack in India and I have grown up eating it. It’s easy to make – Soak rice flakes in water for some time and then just use little butter to fry onion, peas and cumin seed and poha, add little salt to taste. Ready for snack party at office? Obviously this dish will have some fat, but definitely it wins over other fast foods that are available in market. Want to make Batata Poha, then checkout recipe.

Just as our car needs fuel to run smoothly, so is our body. Believe me you will be much healthier and happier, if you never ignore your food cravings. Your body will be much energised and not stressed-out. Trust your food instincts and move towards a healthy living.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ~ Virginia Woolf

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