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5 Favourite Pick from Oasap – Button Tabs Shirts

Summers are back in Canada and so are days of stylish tops and shirts. No more jackets anymore!!

Yesterday, I was browsing through online shopping store Oasap – Deliver Fashion & Love  since I was looking forward to buy few stylish and trendy nursing tops for me. As you all know I am a new mom so my wardrobe is totally in need of it.

I did happen to find some of the very beautiful shirts  which were just perfect for breastfeeding mothers. Although theoretically, they are not nursing tops but since they are front open buttoned shirt so they are just so convenient to breast feed at public places.

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button tabs shirts

The beauty of Oasap is that you can find everything in latest fashion at reasonable prices plus services like free shipping worldwide and 30 days unconditional return. Who will ask for more !! That’s just so perfect and convenient specially for new mom like me, who just can’t find time to shop in-store.

Nowadays, I usually drool over denim with shirts or nursing tops since they are so easy to carry and looks perfect in summer.

Let’s see some of my favorite picks of shirts from Oasap which will be best as nursing tops. Click on the name of the shirt to find them in Oasap

Fashion Polka-Dot Print Long Sleeve Shirt

Casual Poloneck Bat Long Sleeve High-Low Shirt

Fashion Long Sleeve Lip Print Blouse

Fashion Color Block Long Sleeve High-Low Shirt

Fashion Color Block Long Sleeve High-Low Shirt

Long Sleeve High-low Shirt

Hope you all like these shirts and I sincerely hope this blog post helps you in shopping shirts online. For me, Oasap is like paradise of shopping, I will sincerely recommend everyone to visit and try shopping at Oasap.
oasap high street fashion
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Postpartum Reality

Statutory warning: This is not at all a fashion post by me but true expression of feelings and emotions in my journey of motherhood. And I am taking time-out to write this post while my little babies are sleeping tight and cozy.
Most of you who have read my previous post must be knowing about my new role as twins’ mommy. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best thing that happened to me and, I am sincerely thankful to God for such a wonderful bundle of joy.

I just can’t express my emotion, when my doctor gave me these two babies for the first time. I was thrilled and had tears out of happiness.


With all good things in life comes little bad things and that’s law of nature. On one side I was too overwhelmed and on other side, I was under pressure of new big responsibility. Did you ever had any bad experience or sad moments when you were pregnant? Did you ever had any postpartum depression?

Although most of the women will deny it but global survey reveals that more then 50% people have this at some stage or other.

I am no different, so even I had.

Fortunately, it lasted for 2-3 days for me.

Right after delivery under the  influence of local epidural, I thought my world has changed for better but this thought lasted for few hours. As epidural was wearing off, I was coming close to reality. I was in pain of wear and tear of delivery when I was asked (hospital nurses) to walk around and start attending breastfeeding classes.  A day back, I was so happy being mother and now it was diminishing every moment (pause). I thought I just can’t be a good mother & take care of my babies. I cried with helplessness. My babies were preterm and they needed additional care. I was greatly helped by my family members. They consoled me and brought my confidence back.

Having twins is not a one time deal but doing two projects at the same time and with no excuse.

Although fact remains that it is double the joy and it’s a great pleasure to see your beautiful kids growing together 🙂
I feed them and change diapers and that too for two. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband and great parents who were doing this task equally and even sometimes more. My husband comforted me and assured me that this depression won’t last for long.
And yes he was indeed true.

Advise: Always share your postpartum blues with your partner or family.

Now my babies and I have known each other for long and we understand each other well. Now {pause} I am out of postpartum depression and I enjoy each and every moment with them. Parenting is bit difficult but it is much of fun & learning too. Now I truly believe that I am blessed and lucky to be twins mommy.

I spend most of my time with them and even my sleepless nights just give me assurance that I am a good mommy and I am doing my best 🙂 They taught me to be patient and deal with pressure.

I love you Dia and Diyaan. Thanks for letting me nurture you.