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Milestone : Half Birthday of Twins

Time flies. Just few months back I was pregnant and now my little ones are 6 month old. Needless to mention, it was such an emotional and happy period for our family. It was a period of self-realization, pleasure, love, sacrifice, self-strength and lots of patience. I realized that being a mother is a biggest happiness and toughest challenge in this world (so much is expected out of you). Motherhood is a mixture of emotions and it has so many different stages.
Facts to smile about :

  • I am not so fond of reading books and those thick novels literally scares me. I can convince myself for magazines or newspaper but a definite ‘No’ for novels. And the awesome part was that I loved reading during pregnancy up till now. Off course, books were all related to babies stuffs but then too they were no less than those thick novels. I hope, that’s what people refer by saying  ‘You change when you become mother.’
  • Expectation puts a lot of pressure on women to be good in kitchen, marriage, family, work and in social life. Just forget about everyone and just enjoy what makes you at peace. Give yourself a break ladies because ‘you are worth it.’
  • Few challenges – Resuming back to Gym. It’s been a long time that I haven’t really hit the gym, occasionally I went but was too tired to exercise for more than 30 min. Hoping, I can be regular with gym before Year 2014 comes.
  • Smile more often.
  • With twins you can’t imagine to sit idle for a couple of minutes. It gets difficult to even do your basics, if you are handling them alone. So ‘prep-up’ with lots and lots of patience.
  • Your confidence level increases with motherhood.
  • Now actually you can understand when other parents say ‘ Parenting is a tough job’.
  • You will find in your babies ‘Fan of the Lifetime’. All they want to see, eat and enjoy is just ‘YOU’ mamma.
  • One thing doesn’t change within you is your aspirations and dreams. They may get prioritized to lowest most but they live within you. Don’t let them die.
  • Every other parents say ‘ You will remember these days.’ I still have to realize what they mean.

If you are a mom, it’s given that you will click lots of pictures of babies. So did I and here’s a small glimpse of this journey –

World1World2They are nothing but sheer blessing for us and I wish they keep growing healthy and strong forever.
A handful of no regrets but sheer pleasure.

The Boyfriend Fashion Trend : Casual & Classy

When the summer is leaving and the fall is entering with a cool breeze, it’s perfect time to pick the boyfriend trend. As the name suggest, it gives you a kind of ‘borrowed from your boyfriend or from the man in your life’ look.  This outfit is great for all body-types – be it skinny, petite, plus size or curvy.
The boyfriend jeans are little bit ‘baggy’ style and they hang just above the ankle. Matching it with right piece of the boyfriend blazer makes it super classy, versatile and all season favorite.
On the same note, the boyfriend blazer is a right mix of formula for transforming you from a simple babe to modern fabulous and feminine fashionista. This look can easily be worn at after-work meetings and an evening dinner date.
Nowadays lot of brands started creating boyfriend fashion products or men’s-inspired fashion. They are unbelievably cool and very stylish for women of all ages.
Having said that, I hope to see all of you trying this fashion trend with a care-free mood.

Destructed Boyfriend Jeans – Gap | Striped Logo Tee – Gap | Boyfriend Blazer – c/o Persunmall | High Heels – Aldo | Single shouldered Striped Tote – SammyDress | Lips Brooch – c/o Oasap PicMonkey Collage_compressed

IMG_0190_433_650_PM IMG_0100_433_650IMG_0095_433_650 IMG_0187_433_650_PMWish you all a great week ahead. Would love to know your attempt with ‘The Boyfriend Trend’.

Fashion Blogger Interview : Aanam from WhatWhenWear

Aanam M R Chashmawala is Founder & Creative Director of What When Wear, a fashion and lifestyle blog where you can find her exploring fashion trends, fashion news, products and events. It is one of the official blog of Lakme Fashion Week 2013. Needless to mention, but she was Miss Bombay Times Fresh Face 2010 and recently you can watch her in Timeout with Imam. It’s been really great connecting with Aanam in blogosphere and I just loved interviewing her.
Blogger Interviewwhat-when-wear-ootd-1-6-copy

Connect with her – Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Blog

  1. Tell us about yourself and how you started blogging.
    About me, well I’m a regular 22 year old. I absolutely love to read, write, watch my share of TV shows online, I’ve recently been blessed with a beautiful nephew, so I’m totally loving that phase too. How I started blogging – Well, I used to freelance for a popular student portal while I was in college; it required me to write about experiences from college. Student lifestyle, pressures, academic kind of stuff; but I realized I somehow I invariably always landed up writing about clothes, beauty tips and affordable shopping destinations for students. I realized how much I preferred that, stopped my work for them and started blogging independently.
  2. How would you describe your own personal style?
    Comfort is a super important factor for me, so you’ll never spot me wearing something that makes me the least bit uncomfortable; both, to wear as well as something that’s ‘not my style’. My personal style is almost always easy chic, I like simple inner with layers of jackets, love boots, dresses, denims – I wear everything! And as much as I love heels, for long hours, I prefer a pair of flats as back up – they always have my back (literally) at the end of the day.
  3. How did the idea for your blog whatwhenwear come about?
    Like I said, it sort of just happened in the middle of writing for another portal. I didn’t want to let go of the chance, the opportunity, and more importantly the love for writing.
  4. Where do you find your fashion inspiration?
    I find inspiration everywhere! There are time where you’ll see me in printed dhoti pants with long shirts, and then you’ll see me in maxi’s with cropped jackets – I consider myself to be a keen observer of everything around me; so I don’t really have one fixed source of inspiration, I learn from all over!whatwhenwear_fcuk5
  5. How do you manage your personal and blog life together?
    To be as honest – I have no idea! I shoot with my sister over weekends, which is when she’s off work from her regular 9 to 5 schedule. I freelance between shoots and clients, so I try to avoid meetings over the weekend. I guess being a freelancer has its perks! But I think the major credit goes over to Megha, who sacrifices her weekends of sleep, for the sake of outfit posts or events we shoot for the blog.
  6. What is the biggest challenge about fashion blogging?
    Keeping up with the world!! It’s got to be the toughest bit. I’m always striving to make sure I let my readers know in time about a specific sale, or a deal or in general a crazy trend doing the rounds. But yeah, making sure you don’t miss out on anything – especially in the cases where there are people who bank on you for information – making sure your readers can keep up through you, that’s got to be the biggest challenge for me.what-when-wear-ootd-2-2
  7. Any health routine which you follow everyday ?
    None. I’m horrible with all this healthy-food-routine-workout thing. My mantra is to eat your heart out. I’m not proud of it, but I don’t eat right all the time, and I don’t work out either. The cardio I get while shopping is probably the most exercise my body has been destined for so far. Need to change that soon haha!
  8. Tell us some great moments of your show Time Out with Imam ?
    TimeOut With Imam was an experience of a lifetime! Imam is by far one of the nicest people to work with. He’s humble as can be, and he’s such, such, such an inspiration. I always say this to anyone that asks me, that if I could half as stylish as that amazing man, at his age, I’ll consider myself a lucky woman! The entire team of Time Out was a pleasure to work with and we’ve all had some crazy, fun times working and traveling together.
  9. Any comments about Pink Jasmine Styling ?
    I think you’re doing a fab job with the blog. There are some very, very informative posts and I think you should keep at it – you’re rocking it.
  10. Any piece of advice for new Fashion bloggers? Don’t get carried away by someone else’s style. No one can translate your own style the way you do; so don’t get threatened. Do your thing and you’ll shine anyway.

    Thanks for such a great interview Aanam and Pink Jasmine Styling wishes you a wonderful journey ahead.