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Top 5 Fab Fall Finds

Fall is a wonderful season and one of my favourite of all. Not only it brings cool breezy winds but also lots of colour. Talking about it, I personally believe that your closet should also depict little of fall and its beauty in it. This fall is all about camouflage, statement jewelry, leather, blue colour and boots.

Here are Top 5 Fab Fall Finds to refresh your closet.


  1. Leather jackets are the best way to look chic and stay warm. Buy at Danier
  2. Fall is offering lot of handbags which have great silhouettes, rich textures, and bold hues. Buy at Guess
  3. Statement necklaces are best trick to add dimension to any simple outfit. Buy at The Bay
  4. Incase afraid of wearing camouflage then add a pinch of it by picking a handbag. Buy at Gap
  5. Get a pair of classic boot to wear for work as well as for routine outing. Buy at Guess