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Shopping the smart way

One of the activities that every human being performs on a regular basis is shopping. Some shop to fulfill their basic necessities, while others shop for fun and being up-to-date with the latest trends. Whatever may be the reason, one point we all look for while shopping, be it online or through stores, is to find the best deals first. Technology has brought us to a point where we have freedom at our fingertips to compare the prices of the items we want to buy, offered by multiple brands or stores and decide on which brand or store to choose for buying that product.

Based on my personal experiences, I would like to bring forth some useful points which has helped me find great deals and has saved me money while shopping:

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Passage to India Look 4 : Embroided chiffon churidar suit

Indian wear are one of the most talked about dressing system in the world. Be it sari or salwar suit, they remain evergreen on any Indian girl’s list. It’s easy to carry and look graceful at the same time. There are many shops in India who keep latest designer pieces and charge pretty high. Not everyone can afford them. Does that mean you can’t have them?



What would you prefer to wear on a night out to a Casino

Thanks to the many casino films and scenes you may have seen over the years, you might think of casinos as ultra-glamorous places where only the very rich and famous hang out. Since the 90’s things like poker championships started to be televised bringing the casino environment into our homes and because of online casinos like JackpotCity online slots, we were all able to access it and de-mystify it. Nowadays we view it as a much more casual affair, although there are some very upmarket casinos particularly in Europe where you would be expected to make a big effort with fashion.


If you are thinking about what to wear, you should consider your reasons for choosing a casino for your night out-whether you are planning to socialize, or gamble, or just enjoy the entertainment and restaurants. If you are there for a good time, it’s always worth making that extra special effort with your clothes. Not only will you feel more confident, but you will also probably get special treatment from the staff, and if you are playing at the tables, other players might perceive you as being a great player who comes regularly. Sometimes in a psychological game like poker, your confidence can make all the difference and give you an edge over the competition. For gambling a power skirt suit or trouser suit is going to look extremely edgy and fashionable and also make you look like you mean business.


If you intend to hang out at the bar and meet people, you could opt for a mid-length dress, something quite simple, and add some sparkle with your shoes, bag, and jewellery. With dresses, you can wear anything as long as hemlines aren’t too short and neck lines aren’t too low. You can actually be turned away at the door if the doorman doesn’t feel you are dressed appropriately.

So next time when you are at casino, get dressed properly and enjoy the night of glamor.