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Routine Plan for Toddlers

I sincerely believe that having a set routine chart for toddlers keep everyone sane in the family. I remember the days when I didn’t have any schedule for them and things were difficult to manage. Toddlers discipline is all about schedule. Do the same thing at the same time everyday and look what a wonderful life you have with them.

For a very long time, I struggled in my parenting and wasn’t knowing what to do to balance my life and ‘bingo’ this routine plan happened. Everyone has a different style of parenting and I believe that no one is absolutely correct neither wrong, so feel free to change it according to your time and family demands.

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Here is our routine chart for our kids which works great for us.

Toddler Routine Plan  (more…)

Potato Stuffed Beetroot Parantha Recipe – Toddler Approved

Just like most of the mothers in this world, I too have to deal with picky eaters and that too with two of them at the same time. My kids just hate anything healthy especially if it comes to veggies. Lately, I realized that the best way to give them vegetables and its essential nutrients is in the form of hiding it within layers of parantha.  Seriously speaking, I am not fond of making them eat something they don’t like by hiding it from them ( as I know that in long-term it’s not great strategy but it serves my purpose as of now).

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Beetroot Potato Stuffed Paratha Recipe


Cinnamon Apple Sauce Recipe – Toddler Approved

Cinnamon Apple Sauce is  a very simple recipe which can be homemade and canned. I love that additional to great taste it has all the benefits of cinnamon and apple. Since my toddler don’t love eating apple raw so I use this sauce as a bread spread or sometimes just as a snack. They finger lick it and love it so much.



Winter Layering & Blanket Scarf

Winter layering is the key to stay warm against chilly winds. I totally love the concept of blanket scarf. I guess it is one of the best thing to carry as it is pretty wide and long and can be easily converted to a winter stole, inside the office. It’s a stylish and super warm way of dressing while heading out. You can tie it in various ways around neck and the plaid adds a dash of classiness.