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Twins 2nd Birthday Party Home Decor DIY

Yay !! My twins turned two and my happiness is beyond expression. Unlike last year, we decided to throw a private birthday party for our kids. We didn’t invite anyone but just us. This year I really wanted my kids to fully enjoy the day and get full attention of their parents. We divided the celebration into 2 day affair –

  1. Weekend Birthday – Day when we will have a private birthday party and a photo session.
  2. Weekday (Actual Birthday) – When we give them their birthday gifts and let them enjoy it full plus visit to an indoor playground (it’s silly winter here).

So for a birthday party, I did few quick and easy decor based on my Sunshine theme. They were mostly paper based so wasn’t at all costly.

Toddler Birthday Decor07

Why I Think I Am Not A Perfect Mother

Every time I meet my friends, colleagues or fellow mom, we end up complimenting each other  with the phrase, ‘You are a perfect mom!’ But the reality is much different then that. Half of the time in real life we are way away from the word ‘perfect’ or at least that holds true for me.

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