Halloween’s Healthy Options for Kids

Halloween is one of the best time for kids when they wear character based costumes and look funny plus cute. Some of older kids do trick-and-treat and visit neighborhood asking for candies. Personally, I like this day but I hate the fact that kids have to devour excess of sugary candies. I just wish if other people give healthy candy/snack to kids.

This Halloween, I will personally replace candies with following options –

Little Oliver Healthy Snack Olives – This particular snack olives is one of the best candy replacement for this Halloween. It comes in a big box with multiple small packets which is perfect for eating, sharing and giving.

You can make simple snacks for little kids to eat at your place or give them directly the packet. They both are good to go.

Little Olives

Baby Gourmet Squoosh – Ideal fruit/vegetable supplement for picky eaters. I am sure all kids would love this as much as my kids love. They are healthy and made of real fruits with no additives. Available in various flavours and perfect on-the-go option for young to big kids. You won’t believe how quickly it gets finished 🙂

I had to really restrict my kids from finishing the whole batch in a single day. When something is labeled ‘For all ages’ that means you can trust them for a long journey of parenting. I am sure my kids and their friends will be thrilled to receive this as a Halloween treat.

Get ready for ‘Trick or Treat’ with these tasty and super healthy options. Happy Halloween !


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