Diwali with Tea India

Diwali is a special festival for most Indians including me and it is close to my heart. Filled with wonderful memories of past celebrations with crackers, ‘gujiyas’ and ‘diyas’ (tea-light), it is definitely one festival which I wait for eagerly. A time to enjoy good food, family and friend reunions and firecrackers. With all comes unavoidable ‘Chai’ moments which freshens up and uplift the Diwali mood. This year I will be celebrating Diwali with ‘Tea India’.

Tea India3
Every Diwali we celebrate the festival by lighting Candles/Lamps and firecrackers at night, cook special dishes and have dinner together which eventually follows by divine sip of our favourite Masala Tea. I have to mention that I am quite a picky chooser for tea and I judge it based on it’s flavour and leaf quality. Recently I came across Tea India brand and I was really impressed by the range of speciality teas they are offering and the way they have incorporated very minute details of chai in their website.

So I decided to try the brand. I am amused to know that the product is available in many stores around my place in Toronto. Since the time I tried this brand I really liked their tea and have been using them regularly. It is going to be part of celebrations as well as my routine life. I still remember my childhood memories of Diwali when after pooja and firecrackers we all use to sit together and enjoying the Diwali specialities made by my mother. With that part of that day, ‘chai’ was bound to happen and since we were teens so we weren’t allowed to drink tea. But my mother sometime use to put one tea bag on my hot cup of milk so I get that ginger and cardamom flavour in my glass of milk. It use to get finished like a flash of light.

Tea India

So just like all previous years, this Diwali too I will welcome my guest with ‘Tea India’ flavoured ‘chai’. On this note, I wish you all a very ‘Happy & Safe Diwali’.

This post is part of a sponsored campaign on behalf of the South Asian Bloggers Network for Tea India and I have received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.  

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2 Comments on Diwali with Tea India

  1. Aditi
    December 6, 2015 at 6:50 AM (1 year ago)

    Nothing relaxes u the way tea does.
    i love the presentation of this post.



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