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Culiniste – Fresh Ingredients & Easy Recipes Home Delivery

How many of you ladies do meal planning while way back to home? I can’t lie that I use to do that quite often until one day I saw ad of CULINISTE. It is a weekly grocery delivery service and is great for working women as well busy home-stay moms. They create personalized box that contains all the ingredients, along with beautiful recipe cards, to cook tasty meals at home. Topping is they deliver everything right at your home-step with proper packaging in refrigerated box.

Culiniste Pink Jasmine

They have variety of plans like 2-Person or Family plans. Make them aware of your dietary preferences and they do their best to personalize based on your choice. Recipe cards make cooking very easy and well planned pre-portioned ingredients decrease the effort.


Some of the best things which make Culiniste must try for families.

  • They use perfect handpicked ingredients.
  • Variety of menu each week.
  • You can order meals for 2 people or 4 people.
  • Accommodates your dietary and delivery scheduling preferences.
  • Easy follow recipes and quick cooking time.
  • Fewer calories and healthy bites for families.

Their meals are designed to stay fresh for a full week following the delivery of your box, so less of worry if you aren’t at home when they deliver as boxes are refrigerated.

Ingredients looks highly fresh and well picked so fuss-free green and healthy meat selection. No worries about wasting time in grocery store picking right beans or not expired meats.
Incase you are a person with gluten-free diet or vegetarian then just look for gluten-free or vegetarian symbols in the picture of each recipe.

Culiniste Pink Jasmine9 Culiniste Pink Jasmine8 Culiniste Pink Jasmine7

In order to register and get $25 credit, please click here culiniste.ca/pinkjasmine.


Recharge Your Mind & Affection Level

As a proud parent of twins, past few years were excessive busy for us. No major celebrations, no outings and less of fun gatherings,  that was the only constant thing. Of course, I did celebrated each and every milestone my kids achieved in past years but there was no social life for me and my husband. Last year was definitely a year to remember as it was a perfect mix of happiness and sadness in my parenting job. On one of half of it, I struggled with my kids delays in achieving their milestones and on the other half it was immense joy seeing them working hard to mitigate them. I can’t explain how much proud they make me when I see them trying hard to reach ‘Perfection’.

On the same note, me and my husband decided to take a break from work during ‘Holiday Season’ and spend some ‘family time’ all together. I strongly feel that every family should take such breaks at least once a year and that is going to be our plan for future. Don’t you feel that often we are so much under pressure of life and our responsibilities that we forget to enjoy it.


Here are few quick suggestions on relaxing, recharging & rejuvenating.

  1. Relax your body and soul by keeping all the things in the back pocket and just concentrate on the hour.
  2. Give lot of kisses and hugs to your family without any reason.
  3. Watch romantic movies with your husband by giving your kids time-off with tablets. It works great .
  4. Go for a long drive as a family and enjoy the nature and the music.
  5. Call your good friends and party hard. Don’t forget to create a mini party for kids of the family involved so that everyone have equal fun.
  6. Eat what you really want to eat and skip dieting for few days. Sweet treats, let it coming.
  7. Laugh your heart out.
  8. Do shopping for yourself and your family.
  9. Enjoy the take outs and ban cooking on an every day basis so you can enjoy your time by taking walking tours or playing with the kids.
  10. Sleep for long hours and drink tea in peace with no rush in mind.

With this thought in mind, I wish everyone a very happy new year 2016.