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Culiniste – Fresh Ingredients & Easy Recipes Home Delivery

How many of you ladies do meal planning while way back to home? I can’t lie that I use to do that quite often until one day I saw ad of CULINISTE. It is a weekly grocery delivery service and is great for working women as well busy home-stay moms. They create personalized box that contains all the ingredients, along with beautiful recipe cards, to cook tasty meals at home. Topping is they deliver everything right at your home-step with proper packaging in refrigerated box.

Culiniste Pink Jasmine

They have variety of plans like 2-Person or Family plans. Make them aware of your dietary preferences and they do their best to personalize based on your choice. Recipe cards make cooking very easy and well planned pre-portioned ingredients decrease the effort.


Some of the best things which make Culiniste must try for families.

  • They use perfect handpicked ingredients.
  • Variety of menu each week.
  • You can order meals for 2 people or 4 people.
  • Accommodates your dietary and delivery scheduling preferences.
  • Easy follow recipes and quick cooking time.
  • Fewer calories and healthy bites for families.

Their meals are designed to stay fresh for a full week following the delivery of your box, so less of worry if you aren’t at home when they deliver as boxes are refrigerated.

Ingredients looks highly fresh and well picked so fuss-free green and healthy meat selection. No worries about wasting time in grocery store picking right beans or not expired meats.
Incase you are a person with gluten-free diet or vegetarian then just look for gluten-free or vegetarian symbols in the picture of each recipe.

Culiniste Pink Jasmine9 Culiniste Pink Jasmine8 Culiniste Pink Jasmine7

In order to register and get $25 credit, please click here


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Recharge Your Mind & Affection Level

As a proud parent of twins, past few years were excessive busy for us. No major celebrations, no outings and less of fun gatherings,  that was the only constant thing. Of course, I did celebrated each and every milestone my kids achieved in past years but there was no social life for me and my husband. Last year was definitely a year to remember as it was a perfect mix of happiness and sadness in my parenting job. On one of half of it, I struggled with my kids delays in achieving their milestones and on the other half it was immense joy seeing them working hard to mitigate them. I can’t explain how much proud they make me when I see them trying hard to reach ‘Perfection’.

On the same note, me and my husband decided to take a break from work during ‘Holiday Season’ and spend some ‘family time’ all together. I strongly feel that every family should take such breaks at least once a year and that is going to be our plan for future. Don’t you feel that often we are so much under pressure of life and our responsibilities that we forget to enjoy it.


Here are few quick suggestions on relaxing, recharging & rejuvenating.

  1. Relax your body and soul by keeping all the things in the back pocket and just concentrate on the hour.
  2. Give lot of kisses and hugs to your family without any reason.
  3. Watch romantic movies with your husband by giving your kids time-off with tablets. It works great .
  4. Go for a long drive as a family and enjoy the nature and the music.
  5. Call your good friends and party hard. Don’t forget to create a mini party for kids of the family involved so that everyone have equal fun.
  6. Eat what you really want to eat and skip dieting for few days. Sweet treats, let it coming.
  7. Laugh your heart out.
  8. Do shopping for yourself and your family.
  9. Enjoy the take outs and ban cooking on an every day basis so you can enjoy your time by taking walking tours or playing with the kids.
  10. Sleep for long hours and drink tea in peace with no rush in mind.

With this thought in mind, I wish everyone a very happy new year 2016.

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Diwali with Tea India

Diwali is a special festival for most Indians including me and it is close to my heart. Filled with wonderful memories of past celebrations with crackers, ‘gujiyas’ and ‘diyas’ (tea-light), it is definitely one festival which I wait for eagerly. A time to enjoy good food, family and friend reunions and firecrackers. With all comes unavoidable ‘Chai’ moments which freshens up and uplift the Diwali mood. This year I will be celebrating Diwali with ‘Tea India’.

Tea India3
Every Diwali we celebrate the festival by lighting Candles/Lamps and firecrackers at night, cook special dishes and have dinner together which eventually follows by divine sip of our favourite Masala Tea. I have to mention that I am quite a picky chooser for tea and I judge it based on it’s flavour and leaf quality. Recently I came across Tea India brand and I was really impressed by the range of speciality teas they are offering and the way they have incorporated very minute details of chai in their website.

So I decided to try the brand. I am amused to know that the product is available in many stores around my place in Toronto. Since the time I tried this brand I really liked their tea and have been using them regularly. It is going to be part of celebrations as well as my routine life. I still remember my childhood memories of Diwali when after pooja and firecrackers we all use to sit together and enjoying the Diwali specialities made by my mother. With that part of that day, ‘chai’ was bound to happen and since we were teens so we weren’t allowed to drink tea. But my mother sometime use to put one tea bag on my hot cup of milk so I get that ginger and cardamom flavour in my glass of milk. It use to get finished like a flash of light.

Tea India

So just like all previous years, this Diwali too I will welcome my guest with ‘Tea India’ flavoured ‘chai’. On this note, I wish you all a very ‘Happy & Safe Diwali’.

This post is part of a sponsored campaign on behalf of the South Asian Bloggers Network for Tea India and I have received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.  

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Halloween’s Healthy Options for Kids

Halloween is one of the best time for kids when they wear character based costumes and look funny plus cute. Some of older kids do trick-and-treat and visit neighborhood asking for candies. Personally, I like this day but I hate the fact that kids have to devour excess of sugary candies. I just wish if other people give healthy candy/snack to kids.

This Halloween, I will personally replace candies with following options –

Little Oliver Healthy Snack Olives – This particular snack olives is one of the best candy replacement for this Halloween. It comes in a big box with multiple small packets which is perfect for eating, sharing and giving.

You can make simple snacks for little kids to eat at your place or give them directly the packet. They both are good to go.

Little Olives

Baby Gourmet Squoosh – Ideal fruit/vegetable supplement for picky eaters. I am sure all kids would love this as much as my kids love. They are healthy and made of real fruits with no additives. Available in various flavours and perfect on-the-go option for young to big kids. You won’t believe how quickly it gets finished 🙂

I had to really restrict my kids from finishing the whole batch in a single day. When something is labeled ‘For all ages’ that means you can trust them for a long journey of parenting. I am sure my kids and their friends will be thrilled to receive this as a Halloween treat.

Get ready for ‘Trick or Treat’ with these tasty and super healthy options. Happy Halloween !


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Installation and Review of Phantom Glass iPAD Screen Protector

Phantom Glass is my first choice when it comes to getting a screen protector for my gadgets specially phone and iPad. They are strongest glass screen protector available in the market, and prevents any chipping or scratching during use (exclusively, very important if your little ones uses them). I use the same brand for my HTC One M8 Mobile phone for more than 6 months and it is still going strong. So, I am back with another post for easy installation of Phantom Glass iPad screen protector.

Read my review & installation for Phantom Glass HTC One M8 Mobile phone.

I had few questions in my mind before reviewing the value of this product:

  1. Does the whole installation process is simple plus frustration-free?
  2. Does screen changes the look or it looks exactly same.
  3. Does the Phantom Glass hides the existing scratches?
  4. How is the user experience with Phantom Glass?

Here are my answers to my doubts –

  1. Very simple and easy process to install the screen.
  2. Corning Gorilla Glass ensures to protect your device from impacts and scratches.100% clarity, with zero image distortion.
  3. It is treated with a special oleo phobic nano-coating to ensure that fingerprints wipe off with ease. They help hiding the previous made scratches on the device.
  4. You can hardly feel the difference before and after installing the screen but now it is tempered proof.
  5. Additionally, Phantom Glass fits in all the cases. They have screen protector for every model. It is reusable and silicone nano-adhesion layer ensures easy installation and zero residue.


Here are the few things which comes inside the package.


I am very happy with my Phantom Glass screen protector and hope to stick with it till it breaks off or if I find a better product. Incase you have any issues with your existing screen protector, I would suggest to try Phantom Glass and you will never repent your purchase.

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30th Anniversary of Nature’s Path Organic & Giveaway

Talking about breakfast, I wake up to a bowl of Nature’s Path hot cereals. It’s easy yet deliciously stomach filling heathy option and my whole family loves it. Nature’s Path  only uses ingredients as allowed by the National Organic Standards. Sometimes I just wonder why we love this brand so much? I guess, maybe because they are among one of the best Canadian brand who are celebrating 30 years of successfully providing us with some of the finest organic healthy products. No artificial or chemical preservatives such as BHA or BHT have been added to the cereal. They take extra care to store the cereal in a cool dark place in order to preserve freshness. The water used in the cereal is filtered through a fine mesh filter to remove any impurities that might affect the flavour of the product.

Nature's Path

Whenever we go to Costco we never forget to grab few boxes of Nature’s Path’s cereal. I have tried many other brands, but I found this one to be the finest. If you open a corn flakes box from this brand, you will get distinct pieces of flakes till the last . That’s the real beauty of these products. They have perfect balance of shape, sweetness and crispness.

Nature's Path

I got these products from Nature’s Path as part of their 30th Anniversary and now they are extending this chance to win some of the goodies as shown in below pic to one of my lucky reader. I would rather ask you to try them for free by entering this giveaway. I am pretty sure you will love them too.

Giveaway Offer
Nature’s Path 30th Anniversary Gifts include:

  1. Limited edition 30th anniversary boxes of cereal and granola.
  2. 1 year free subscription to the new Organic Life Magazine plus 2 additional free subscriptions for your family and friends.
  3. 3 Nature’s Path free product  vouchers.

Winner eligibility: Contest is open to Canadian and US residents only. US or Canadian shipping address must be provided.

Nature's Path 30th Gift

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