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Polka & Stripes : Chiffon shirt & Denim

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far.

Polka dot and stripes are both of my favorite prints. I thought of attempting them together and this beautiful chiffon shirt totally stole my heart.
It is trendy, flawless and seasonal. It is one great selection for my summer wardrobe. When it comes to mixing print, it is best to keep it simple. White and black color best compliment mix of polka dot and stripes. I have styled it with red pump and elegant red handbag.

Hope you all like the shots taken near Toronto’s Harbourfront on a beautiful Monday morning.
Thank you so much for reading.

Chiffon shirt – c/o Persun (buy here)
Denim jeans – Bluenotes
Handbag – c/o Oasap
Shoes – Winners
Hat – First Canadian Place









Multicolour & Multistrap : Striped Maxi dress & Thong zip sandle

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are having wonderful weekend. I had a very stress free weekend with long walks near Harbour front lake shore. As you all know, I have recently shifted to CN Tower facing new condo so fun is double-folded.

Coming to my weekend outfit, I choose to wear my multicoloured striped ‘Maxi’ dress. Summer are perfect time to explore and try multicoloured dresses. It is so chic yet highly comfortable. Denim jacket is something which I simply love to wear, it just fits the bill everytime.

Maxi Dress – Suzyshier
Thong zip sandal – Suzyshier
Wallet bag – Aldo
Denim Jacket – Used here
Earring – Suzyshier

Enjoy your weekend and surely try Maxi dress for casual evenings.

John Carter & OOTD : Collared Shirt & Pullover

Hi everyone,

Hope you guys are having wonderful relaxing time this weekend. Any plans ?

Movies were always weak point for me. So this weekend me and DKD planned for John Carter. Did any of you saw ‘John Carter’ movie uptil now? What an amazing piece of science & fiction story line !!
This movie pointed out that Mars is not a “dead planet”. I loved the role of John Carter played by Taylor Kitsch who due to his high bone density and the planet’s low gravity,  was able to jump fantastically high and throw killer punches. Panoramic view of the movie scenes were amazing. Hats off to the whole team.

Great work !!

On a seperate note, did you guys checked out Stripes Challenge by WhatIWore ? It was so much fun specially watching 92 ladies around the world posing in Stripes. True pleasure to watch. Thanks to Jessica Quirk for arranging it.

Coming back to my blog, today I picked a very relaxing outfit of the day(OOTD). Collared shirts are always in fashion and they work for me everytime I wear them. I choose to wear pullover over my shirt because of chilly winds. This pullover has little twisted-curl in both arms which add uniqueness to it. I brought this ‘World Cancer Badge’ last year and it is very close to my heart. I use it randomly to show my support for movement. So guys do enjoy the shots taken near Toronto Musuem.

P.S – For all my lovely followers, please be informed that in few days, I will be announcing my GIVEAWAY. So keep reading.

Denim leggings – H&M
Collar shirt – Jessica
Pullover – Costa Blanca
Neclace – Bitter Sweet
Sunglass – H&M

Thank you so much for finding time to read it. Appreciate it.


Life & Love : Thoughts from random mind

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not coming up with any styling post this weekend as am not feeling very well (Although still weekend is left and if I will feel bit OK, maybe I will do few shoots). But good part is, I found some time to talk other than fashion over here. First of all, I really feel emotional when people appreciate my attempt for styles and compliment me. It is not easy to re-pay by simply saying ‘Thanks’ as each of your words make me feel wonderful.

In virtual world, where we hardly know each other personally but only through fashion, it’s not easy to accept others. That’s why I call my self ‘blessed’ to have such wonderful people around me who are always ready to help & support me. Now that’s what I call ‘Friendship’. I am in deep friendship with you all.

Recently in many post I encountered few people passing negative remarks and judging others. I am fortunate not to receive any one up till now but still I can feel the hurt. No offense plz, but before making such offensive statements I wish they would have tried making such attempt first. I advice all such people to ‘Be-Human’. I feel if you don’t like anything, ****-off but don’t tend to destroy other’s self-esteem (Yes, I am too serious about such in-human attitude).

Lesson to be human –

“I think fish is nice, but then I think that rain is wet, so who am I to judge?”
Douglas Adams

I don’t consider myself very good writer but this is all what I feel about the issue right from my heart. I am Fashion-lover and for me sometimes all I can afford to speak or write is through my styles and photographs.

Wish you all lovely long weekend and peaceful life . Take care everyone.

Thanks so much for finding time to read my blog.

Denim Connection : Denim skirt & Leather jacket

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had lovely saturday. This week was higly exciting since it was very sunny and me & DKD went for many long casual walks. Sunday was well spent enjoying sun in Toronto Islands. I always love strolling and watching variety of styles passing near-by  which add so much fun to it. I am hoping it remains sunny now onwards as I can’t take anymore chilling breeze. In the meantime, I visited Indigo – book shop and discovered book called ‘Faboulous at Every Age’ which describes variety of ways of keeping yourself styled all season all years.

I do believe we are here(world) for very short time so it is worth to live in style. Life is so small and it is only worth if I would be able to bring smile to few needy people in society. I really felt the need to find some time for social activity and get associated to it. It will help me fill lot of blank spaces.

I bought these copied Versace sunglass from Ardene and it is really worth the money I spent on it.

Skirt denim – Benetton
Leather Jacket – Used here
Top – Gap
Sunglass – Versace remake
Scarf – Used here
Wedges – Used here
Handbag – Used here

Hope you all like it.
Take care and see you soon.
Much love and thanks for all kindness.