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Polka Dot Drapes Tutorial

Today I am sharing with you all my last week’s  effort in getting these drapes finished for my condo living room. My living room has a mix of red and black furnitures and I was looking for drapes of nearly matching shades but I couldn’t find anything worth attractive. That made me decide to make one of my own. It was a hard work for few days but at the end it is totally unique and worth it.

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Polka Dot Drapes


Cube Table DIY (from Ikea Lack Side Table)

I was having two spare IKEA Lack side tables which I brought last year on sale and they cost me $8 each. They were in black colour and for a very long time they were unused so we thought of doing something creative with it. I was over the Pinterest when I found a great Ikea hack cube table made by Making It With Danielle, I totally loved it and here’s the result.

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Cube table 3s (more…)