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Recharge Your Mind & Affection Level

As a proud parent of twins, past few years were excessive busy for us. No major celebrations, no outings and less of fun gatherings,  that was the only constant thing. Of course, I did celebrated each and every milestone my kids achieved in past years but there was no social life for me and my husband. Last year was definitely a year to remember as it was a perfect mix of happiness and sadness in my parenting job. On one of half of it, I struggled with my kids delays in achieving their milestones and on the other half it was immense joy seeing them working hard to mitigate them. I can’t explain how much proud they make me when I see them trying hard to reach ‘Perfection’.

On the same note, me and my husband decided to take a break from work during ‘Holiday Season’ and spend some ‘family time’ all together. I strongly feel that every family should take such breaks at least once a year and that is going to be our plan for future. Don’t you feel that often we are so much under pressure of life and our responsibilities that we forget to enjoy it.


Here are few quick suggestions on relaxing, recharging & rejuvenating.

  1. Relax your body and soul by keeping all the things in the back pocket and just concentrate on the hour.
  2. Give lot of kisses and hugs to your family without any reason.
  3. Watch romantic movies with your husband by giving your kids time-off with tablets. It works great .
  4. Go for a long drive as a family and enjoy the nature and the music.
  5. Call your good friends and party hard. Don’t forget to create a mini party for kids of the family involved so that everyone have equal fun.
  6. Eat what you really want to eat and skip dieting for few days. Sweet treats, let it coming.
  7. Laugh your heart out.
  8. Do shopping for yourself and your family.
  9. Enjoy the take outs and ban cooking on an every day basis so you can enjoy your time by taking walking tours or playing with the kids.
  10. Sleep for long hours and drink tea in peace with no rush in mind.

With this thought in mind, I wish everyone a very happy new year 2016.

Style On The Aisle : Bridal Wear

Wedding is one of the most divine moment for all of us. Every girl dreams of a fairy tale wedding, wearing the most elegant  designer gown during the time she say ‘ I do…’.

Wedding dress is not only one of the most essential purchases of marriage but costly affair too. Off course, it is priceless but considering the fact that it is going to be used just once, I suggest buying it from a store where you can get them at a comparatively low price.wedding2
Let me introduce you to  Maxnina, ultimate fashion destination for wedding & bridesmaids dresses.

It is one of the best online shopping store in market. Their dresses are not only cheaply priced but are beautifully stitched and designed. One of the best thing is that you can view multiple gowns in their online showroom and choose one, which best suits your pocket and style. Shopping in a mall is sometimes tricky when you request for some discount and they say no to it. At Maxnina, you don’t really have to ask as they are at their best discount and worth the price you pay.

So, I highly recommend to all my friends and readers who are soon getting wed to buy your wedding gowns from Maxnina. Needless to mention, they are the best online retailer for Cheap wedding dresses and Cheap bridesmaid dresses.

P.S – They have free shipping worldwide.


Royal Wedding - Wedding Guests And Party Make Their Way To Westminster Abbey

Hope you enjoyed these celebrity wedding gown inspirations.

Do check Maxnina to buy your favorite fairytale wedding gown at a very reasonable price.
I will be really happy to know your experience of buying at Maxnina.

Are you bored of your look ? Then change IT.

Steve Jobs once said : For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.


He was indeed a great man. His quote was not just for a technical expert but it’s a general life lesson and applies well everywhere.

Quite often, I have heard many people complaining about their looks. It amazes me as everything you need to change is in your hands, then why can’t we just do it. If you really feel, you need MAKEOVER then feel free to read ahead to get basic hints.

Remember  “Things do not change; we change.” 


Follow below points and change your look without help of stylist.

  1. Check your figure : First checkout your exact figure. Are you skinny, hourglass or plump ? Adore your body type and wear clothes which compliments it.
  2. Revisit closet : Check what all clothes are not getting used anymore. Keeping them in closet will not only waste your space but will also confuse you big time. Keep what you wish to wear or suits you. Donate rest all of them.
  3. Time to shop : Now since you know what you want and what you already have will help you in making shopping decisions. Buy shirt which can compliment your existing pants or tee to match your denim.
  4. Sit in front of mirror : Since you have proper clothes, time to give yourself a fresh look by applying some makeup. Just simple eye & lip makeup is good to start with. Keep it updating with time. “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural”– Calvin Klein
  5. Stay happy : If you have lost that edgy figure or low in budget due to any reason, believe me you can still get fresh look by adding smile to your wardrobe.
  6. Buyer’s check : If you happen to change your usual dressing way then invest first in 1-2 pieces of outfit. If it suits you, get more.
  7. Friends with benefits : Share or exchange your general wardrobe with great friends especially accessories. It will save money and you will enjoy the collective wardrobe effort.
  8. Compliments : Best compliment a girl can ever have is when she can really afford to face herself in mirror and say “Wow.. u look stunning.”

So go ahead and change everything you aim to change in yourself. I would love to hear your story. Feel free to share.

Featured Reader : Hina Jindal

Presenting you today, one of the Pink Jasmine’s gorgeous reader – Hina Jindal.

She is a CBSE topper in Biology and still chose computer science engineering because of  her phobia for needles, blood , etc. The search for subject of interest did not end here and she decided to pursue  MBA in Human Resource from MDI, India. As of now, she is working with one of the MNC’s as a compensation consultant.

Hina finds Pink Jasmine interesting and mentioned- ‘ I do check your page regularly and it is such a delight to go through it.’ She is one of the readers, who supported the idea behind Pink Jasmine Styling. She wish to see more of formal wears and stylish yet comfortable clothes for expecting woman.

She defines her sense of style as comfortable, stylish, trendy  & believes in learning from others but is against blindly imitating them. In short, it has to be something which is stylish yet comfortable to carry and includes her own creativity.

Her style tip  – ‘Be healthy and happy because a happy and healthy soul is the secret behind natural glow. Experiment with colors, patterns and trust on your mix n match skills. Don’t be a slave of brands.’

She wish great luck to Pink Jasmine Styling.

Thank you so much Hina for your lovely wishes and advices. Keep visiting.

Stay tune to see many more gorgeous faces amongst readers.
Stay stylish forever.

Thoughts : What makes a woman ‘Gorgeous’ ?

Few months back, I thought of writing this post & somewhere deep down I wanted to share it with my readers.

What makes a woman ‘Gorgeous’ ?

Does beauty relates only to be fair, tall, skinny or something more than that?
Does beauty needs any endorsement.
So what makes a woman earn compliments like ‘ stunning’, ‘ beautiful’ etc.
Undoubtedly, beauty is indeed skin deep.

This is one of the most important characteristic to be beautiful. Beauty without character is almost like heart without love. It is something which is totally under your control and worth of all pain. Never do anything at your character’s stake.

Few people are lucky enough to be born with flawless skin and some make effort to make it. Nevertheless, I try giving every kind of nourishment possible to keep improving my skin. Eat right & sleep tight are the most important pointers.  Be happy from inside and your skin will glow eventually.

Single most truth existing on this fast world. Everyone wants to be loved but hardly love others. Don’t bound your emotion to people, it’s perfectly beautiful if you don’t attach  any condition. Love your parents, friends, pets, children & work.  Nature always maintains a balance – If you ever give love, you will definitely receive it back today or tomorrow. Try it.

 I have realized that I simply find people attractive who just pass-by me and give casual, unintended smile. It adds so much value to a normal looking person. It makes your skin glow and creates a positive environment.

Let GO
Is it really hard to forgive a person? Unless you know that it is less painful to keep yourself attached to it. I believe ‘What goes around, comes around.’ Set your heart free from all pain &  injury and accept yourself by forgiving others. Just let it GO.

It includes everything from the way you walk, talk or express your views. Know your style and stick to it. Don’t be influenced by western stuff if you know that you can carry Indian outfit well. People are not attracted to dresses but how your body carry them. Stay confident.

Be good to others even if they choose to be bad to you. Love your relations and relationship will bloom automatically. Give more and expect less is key to successful relationship.

Wish you all a wonderful life.

Life & Love : Thoughts from random mind

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not coming up with any styling post this weekend as am not feeling very well (Although still weekend is left and if I will feel bit OK, maybe I will do few shoots). But good part is, I found some time to talk other than fashion over here. First of all, I really feel emotional when people appreciate my attempt for styles and compliment me. It is not easy to re-pay by simply saying ‘Thanks’ as each of your words make me feel wonderful.

In virtual world, where we hardly know each other personally but only through fashion, it’s not easy to accept others. That’s why I call my self ‘blessed’ to have such wonderful people around me who are always ready to help & support me. Now that’s what I call ‘Friendship’. I am in deep friendship with you all.

Recently in many post I encountered few people passing negative remarks and judging others. I am fortunate not to receive any one up till now but still I can feel the hurt. No offense plz, but before making such offensive statements I wish they would have tried making such attempt first. I advice all such people to ‘Be-Human’. I feel if you don’t like anything, ****-off but don’t tend to destroy other’s self-esteem (Yes, I am too serious about such in-human attitude).

Lesson to be human –

“I think fish is nice, but then I think that rain is wet, so who am I to judge?”
Douglas Adams

I don’t consider myself very good writer but this is all what I feel about the issue right from my heart. I am Fashion-lover and for me sometimes all I can afford to speak or write is through my styles and photographs.

Wish you all lovely long weekend and peaceful life . Take care everyone.

Thanks so much for finding time to read my blog.