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Easy Cures For Motion Sickness In Your Child

Motion SicknessImage Source : Pixabay

Motion sickness is a kind of nausea which happens while travelling in a vehicle or a plane. It is very common to be seen in your kids. It is very to similar to the feeling you experience in a roller coaster and in other similar amusement park rides. It arises when the brain receives visual messages that don’t match with the ones picked up by the body’s motion and balance sensors. Motion sickness progresses from a feeling of uneasiness to sweating and/or dizziness. This is usually quickly followed by nausea and/or vomiting.

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While Raising A Child Having Fear Of Strangers Or Crowd

Who doesn’t want a happy and cheerful child playing around and giving you break of the lifetime? Well that is the dream hope of every parent but not everyone is bestowed with it all the time. Kids are moody little creatures, full of tantrums, cries, sudden shot of happiness but extreme joyful. But do you think you can easily make it happen by reading books or choosing the right way of raising them? Then you are highly mistaken as every one is born with a unique personality which can be altered but couldn’t be totally replaced. That being said, I will give you instances from my own real  life and how people around me responded to when my little girl freaked out in front of strange faces or in crowd.

Toddler Girl

My girl is sensitive and cries a lot when introduced to new environment or people. She is fine playing at park with other people around but on a visit to friend’s place she freaks out. She won’t go to anyone except me or my husband. All she will do is to cry till she get exhausted. Thanks to couple of my friends who actually understood our situation and let her be like that or eased her. But then world is not full of good people. Sharing my thoughts on the same.

First of all, if you happen to be a parent of such a child read below pointers immediately.

  • IGNORE – Ignore the gaze of people in malls or public places as they mean nothing to you and either they might be correlating with you or judging you which is in no way beneficial to you in your situation.
  • CALMNESS – Don’t even think that your crying child can put herself all together when you yourself is losing calmness. They need you to look confident whether it helps in their situation or not.
  • DIVERSION – Try to carry things like iPad or her/his favourite book/ toy which can help you divert her/ his attention for a while.
  • CHOCOLATE – Giving chocolate is a crime in a dictionary of perfect mom’s world but sadly, I haven’t seen such a mom till date. So carry few and bribe them to make them temporary happy.
  • HUG – Hug them tight and make them feel right. They might not stop crying but deep down they feel secured.
  • JUDGING – By this time, you must have totally stop judging other moms and their efforts in raising kids. Let them be.
  • LESS CROWDED – Introduce your kid to the personal family meet ups where you don’t get lots of people to disturb her peace. This is tried and tested by me. They react better with fewer people. And they learn to socialize too. But if they handle fewer people well that doesn’t mean that they are prepared to handle the large crowd.
  • PRO ACTIVENESS – Be proactive and tell new faces to not say ‘hi or hello’ to them at all. Ignore them completely. Believe me they are more happy that way.

Life is already difficult for parents with such kids and then there are friends who either make you feel better or worse. Here are the few reactions which I got when my girl freaked out for her consistent fear of strangers and crowd.

  • Reaction I respect : “That’s absolutely fine Shilpi, it happens with little kids. Don’t worry just take care of her.”
  • Reaction made me feel low : “Shilpi, your girl cries too much. Doesn’t she get tired of crying?”
  • Reaction made me feel happy : ‘Don’t worry Shilpi, she will be fine after she will grow up and start talking. It’s momentary.”
  • Reaction made me realize ‘how stupid people can be’ : ” My friend’s kids are so social as their parents take them out more often and they never cry.” (I mean seriously, are you talking about different kids or computerized created prototypes. Sorry that is my reaction to them.)
  • Reactions made me lose your respect : “You guys have made her like that by laad-pyaar (extreme love care).” ( Pause ! I am raising twins in the same manner and environment then how can one is destroyed with it and other is quick absorber. This is sh*t !)

And the list can go on like this with no real benefit to anyone. All I request to everyone, is to be little sensitive to new parents and support them rather than making them feel low of their parenting skills. They are going through a tough period which will get better for them soon enough than you realize.

Routine Plan for Toddlers

I sincerely believe that having a set routine chart for toddlers keep everyone sane in the family. I remember the days when I didn’t have any schedule for them and things were difficult to manage. Toddlers discipline is all about schedule. Do the same thing at the same time everyday and look what a wonderful life you have with them.

For a very long time, I struggled in my parenting and wasn’t knowing what to do to balance my life and ‘bingo’ this routine plan happened. Everyone has a different style of parenting and I believe that no one is absolutely correct neither wrong, so feel free to change it according to your time and family demands.

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Here is our routine chart for our kids which works great for us.

Toddler Routine Plan  (more…)

Little Bundle & Time management

Dedicated to all wonderful mothers out their who dare to dream big while nurturing the bright future.

Quite often, I receive a familiar smile from strangers when they see me and my husband with double stroller carrying our twin babies. Some smile with the thought of appreciation and others for parenting load. Countless times, I am asked to be proud of myself  and my family.  People quoted to me –

“You must be having sleepless nights, Eh ?” – a stranger.

“You both are smiling even after twins, you must be proud of yourself !!” – a mother  in a family room.

” Do you guys still remember what sleep means?” – a father with a grin in an elevator.

” Wow, that’s super cool..u are having twins boy-girl.. perfect a million dollar family !!” – a cab driver.

” You are doing great, trust me !!” – a fellow twin mom.

“Are you still blogging? Damn, how you find time ?” – a friend.

“So your diaper box just lasts for few nights!!” – a cashier, while shopping for jumbo diaper box from Loblaws.


I feel so motivated when I hear these words from strangers and friends. Only question which strikes my mind is – Is I am really doing the right way? May be.
I just feel that you get these strengths when you become mother. Nobody else, but only your baby can help you get this. I love my babies and at the same time I love doing many others things too, which includes blogging.

How can I do Time Management ?


Here are few things which I do to manage time, especially with twins –

  1. Schedule routine task for them and try to do it on same time.
  2. Talk to your husband and get lot of help from him in household activities.
  3. Don’t wait for babies to get fussy, feed them little before their feeding time.
  4. Maintain a chart mentioning their feeding and diaper change process ( double chart for twins, so you don’t miss any of the babies).
  5. Change their diaper every 2-3 hours and don’t go on the ad strategy for advertising them as extra absorbent. I have noticed, you buy any brand but it gets soiled after 4 hours max.
  6. Train them to sleep at the same time and follow a daily routine bath (or bubble bath) process with massage.
  7. Invest in good swings and cradle for keeping them off the hands. My personal favorite is Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing.
  8. Keep your twins in separate crib so they don’t disturb each other and sleep all through night.
  9. Attend the one, who is in worse state and crying like hell, don’t feel guilty for not able to attend both together.
  10. Babies are just awesome, they cry at one moment and smile at the very next second – learn how to forget and move on from them.
  11. Keep all your baby stocks double and up to date.
  12. Keep yourself in a good mood by taking care of yourself – this is most important else you will be irritated with yourself only.
  13. When they make you go crazy, just leave the room and take a deep breath and come back.
  14. Trust me – nobody is born to be a perfect mother, I think while in journey you discover your motherhood.
  15. Thank god for making you special and trust you with double babies. Smile !!
  16. Join some mummy club or twin mummy club at your nearest location.
  17. Buy double stroller only as two single strollers will kill you if you have twins (personally, I experienced buying both the options and I regret buying 2 single ones).
  18. Last but not least, keep smiling for the beautiful future ahead.

Readers, how do you approach time with your babies ? Do you have set routines to make life easier? Hope many of you can co-relate to mentioned points. I would love to know your magical trick of motherhood. Wish all of you a lovely motherhood ahead and keep the challenge going.