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Mother’s Day Gifts : Gift of Love & Health this Year.

On the second Sunday in May, the whole nation celebrates mother’s day. A day when mother are treated like a queen and cared for the most. This tradition started from England but it is equally cherished by Americans. It is one of the most busiest day for all gift shops and food joints.

Fundamentally, I don’t understand the whole point of  celebrating Mother’s day just once a year. Do you really feel it’s enough to honor them for a day and forget the rest 364 days (non leap year precisely)? Maybe not, but yes there is no harm in taking at least one day out of your schedule to be with them or give them gifts they longed for all their life. After becoming parent, I realized that motherhood is not a simple job. It’s one of the most emotional and giving form of service where you choose to love even for no return.


So choose, gift for them carefully by thinking what they really need the most. Be it a piece of jewellery or good health related products, do the homework wisely. Skip the flowers and think broadly.


Shopping the smart way

One of the activities that every human being performs on a regular basis is shopping. Some shop to fulfill their basic necessities, while others shop for fun and being up-to-date with the latest trends. Whatever may be the reason, one point we all look for while shopping, be it online or through stores, is to find the best deals first. Technology has brought us to a point where we have freedom at our fingertips to compare the prices of the items we want to buy, offered by multiple brands or stores and decide on which brand or store to choose for buying that product.

Based on my personal experiences, I would like to bring forth some useful points which has helped me find great deals and has saved me money while shopping:

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Passage to India Look 4 : Embroided chiffon churidar suit

Indian wear are one of the most talked about dressing system in the world. Be it sari or salwar suit, they remain evergreen on any Indian girl’s list. It’s easy to carry and look graceful at the same time. There are many shops in India who keep latest designer pieces and charge pretty high. Not everyone can afford them. Does that mean you can’t have them?



Latest Trend of Purchasing Jewellery Online in India

The trend of sporting jewelry dates back to the ancient times. Every woman desires to possess matching jewelry with their outfit. No wonder, how simple their outfit is, still if they select the perfect piece, it will definitely spice up their attire. Keeping oneself updated about the latest trends in jewelry is extremely important.

Indian customs and culture are truly time-honored and have continued their quintessence throughout these ages. In actual fact Indian jewelry shares the similar destiny. You can get them in unbelievable shapes, designs, sizes, patterns and colors. There are various designs of jewelry that have actually stuck musical tones with the rest of the globe. It incorporates Kundan, Tarkashi, Meenakari, Jadau and Kemp jewelry.