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Passage to India Look 4 : Embroided chiffon churidar suit

Indian wear are one of the most talked about dressing system in the world. Be it sari or salwar suit, they remain evergreen on any Indian girl’s list. It’s easy to carry and look graceful at the same time. There are many shops in India who keep latest designer pieces and charge pretty high. Not everyone can afford them. Does that mean you can’t have them?



Whole Nine Yards – Art Of Draping a ‘Sari’

How many of you do dream of flaunting saree in the same way as some of the Bollywood celebrities do? I am sure majority of you would love to do. Saree is one ‘single’ dress of India which is super popular and loved by millions of ladies around the globe. It is an ethnic and a graceful attire. It is quite common to find women wearing saree in different styles (courtesy, beauty parlors) but not many of them know how to drape it themselves. Keeping that in mind – Kalpana Shah, a Bollywood stylist launched a latest coffee table book called Whole Nine Yards – Art Of Draping a ‘Sari’.
It has explained great ways of draping a saree with proper pictures and steps. They have come up with this book with simple objectives like

  • To imbibe Sari wearing culture for the women of India
  • To revive & maintain Sari culture in modern India
  • To promote Sari, an Indian symbol of women’s grace to the world.

1005329_563360613709500_1021694675_n[1]Fullscreen capture 10082013 102921 AM.bmpFullscreen capture 10082013 104202 AM.bmpKlipart Kreations also introduced the “Learn Sari” app. “Learn Sari” is a free app and is available in Google Play store for the Android. Fullscreen capture 10082013 103122 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 10082013 103332 AM.bmpFullscreen capture 10082013 103434 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 10082013 103500 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 10082013 103955 AM.bmp

Incase, you liked the concept then feel free to contact me and I will arrange a copy for you or alternatively, you can buy Whole Nine Yards at Klipart Creations . With this message, I wish you all a great saree draping experience.

Passage to India Look 3 : Chiffon saree & Teez festival

Hi everyone,

Wish you all a lovely  Happy Hartalika Teez – a day which most of the Indian women celebrate for prosperity and healthy life for her husband. I couldn’t find any better occasion than today to present another Indian look from my passage to India series. I am very fond of Saree and love wearing it on Indian festivals. It is very simple yet beautiful form of dressing. You can find thousands of variety of Saree in multiple textures, but I guess silk & chiffon are most popular. This is gifted Saree from one of my relative and I really like it’s color. Hope you enjoy the shots.


Saree – Gifted Indian shop
Jewellery – Sia

I wish lots of happiness and prosperity in each of your life.
May your wishes come true and you get great husband like our lord Shiva.