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Dressed Up : Pleated black skirt

Pleated skirts are one of my favorite casual pickup. They are so elegant yet very simple to style. Do read my previous blog post on pleated skirt here

Here are my quick  styles for this pleated skirt. Hope you all like it.

PLEATED SKIRT ~ OUTFIT STYLE #1  This look can be picked up for night-out.

PLEATED SKIRT ~ OUTFIT STYLE #2  This look is best for casual meetings.

PLEATED SKIRT ~ OUTFIT STYLE #3  This look is for going out with friends  specially shopping.

PLEATED SKIRT ~ OUTFIT STYLE #4  This look is best for office and formal meetings.

Share your feedback on the same.

Summer Dress for Office : Striped shirt & Knee-length skirt

Summers are officially arrived in for many countries. This season brings so much of latest trends and patterns to explore but when it comes to formal, choices are always narrowed down.

Being a professional IT consultant, I always prefer wearing comfortable yet stylish outfits for office. I am a big ‘Pencil’ skirt fan but this knee-length trial is slightly new one for me.

  • Knee-length are best known for comfort as your legs has full space to move.
  • They can be utilised well for both formal and informal wear.
  • They can be worn with boots or pumps to give professional look.
  • Black/blue/brown/cream are some of the most sold colours for formal wears.
  • Wear them with plain or stripes shirts as both make wonderful pairing.
  • Add some pop-up colour to change it into evening date.
  • Keep it as simple as possible, less or no accessories.
  • Change look by adding colours to belts/shoes rather than sticking to white/black.
  • Basic makeup with gentle lip colour will surely fit the bill.


Forest & Sunshine: Pleated skirt & Polka blazer

Hi everyone,

Hope you guys are having wonderful weekend uptil now.

I am glad that finally I got a chance to present my black pleated skirt in front of you all. Elegant-yet-stylish piece of dress to carry. Although I am not feeling very well but still I pleaded to go-out, just to refresh my mood. DKD took me to Brickworks Forest which has amazingly beautiful heart-throb scene to capture.

I have realised that ‘Red’ is coming out to be my favourite colour and most of the time I find something of red in my styles.

This sunglass is one my newest purchase from Gucci and it has wonderful curves at the corner.

Do you love accessories, I simply do as they are one of the things which can make your simple outfit look so chic and classy. So always purchase best accessories and combine it with any basic dress in your wardrobe.

Black purse is something which is found in every girl’s closet. I find it very handy to pick for my regular office days.

Hope you all liked my attempt.
I am all open to hear your idea of styling pleated skirt.

Pleated Skirt – Reitman
Tee – Gap
Polka blazer – used here
Accessories & Watch – The Bay
Handbag – Local Delhi market

Thank you so much for reading my post.