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Twins 2nd Birthday Party Home Decor DIY

Yay !! My twins turned two and my happiness is beyond expression. Unlike last year, we decided to throw a private birthday party for our kids. We didn’t invite anyone but just us. This year I really wanted my kids to fully enjoy the day and get full attention of their parents. We divided the celebration into 2 day affair –

  1. Weekend Birthday – Day when we will have a private birthday party and a photo session.
  2. Weekday (Actual Birthday) – When we give them their birthday gifts and let them enjoy it full plus visit to an indoor playground (it’s silly winter here).

So for a birthday party, I did few quick and easy decor based on my Sunshine theme. They were mostly paper based so wasn’t at all costly.

Toddler Birthday Decor07

Routine Plan for Toddlers

I sincerely believe that having a set routine chart for toddlers keep everyone sane in the family. I remember the days when I didn’t have any schedule for them and things were difficult to manage. Toddlers discipline is all about schedule. Do the same thing at the same time everyday and look what a wonderful life you have with them.

For a very long time, I struggled in my parenting and wasn’t knowing what to do to balance my life and ‘bingo’ this routine plan happened. Everyone has a different style of parenting and I believe that no one is absolutely correct neither wrong, so feel free to change it according to your time and family demands.

♥ Read here my post for better managing your time with your baby Little Bundle and Time Management.

Here is our routine chart for our kids which works great for us.

Toddler Routine Plan  (more…)

Cinnamon Apple Sauce Recipe – Toddler Approved

Cinnamon Apple Sauce is  a very simple recipe which can be homemade and canned. I love that additional to great taste it has all the benefits of cinnamon and apple. Since my toddler don’t love eating apple raw so I use this sauce as a bread spread or sometimes just as a snack. They finger lick it and love it so much.



Cute Hair Accessories from DressLink

Good morning dear readers.

Today on the blog, we (me and my little daughter Dia) will be exploring beautiful hair bands for little girls from DressLink. I have to agree, I have never found such a great shopping destination where you get so much value for your money. All dresses, accessories, shoes etc are low priced and they have a good quality too. Seriously speaking, I have added them to my favorite list of online shopping stores.

While selecting these pretty hairbands for my daughter, I was highly confused since they have an amazing collection. Finally, I ended up selecting these four beautiful accessories.

I will give it a 4/5 points for their awesome collection and price. They truly showcase the fact that fashion keeps on changing with seasons and everyone has right to be fashionable.

Here are some of the Baby-Toddler Hairbands from DressLink, modeled by my beautiful 4 month baby girl. God bless you angel !!

Hair Accessories – c/o DressLink

Butterfly Knot Bow Hair Band | Cute Headdress  | Christening Gift Hoop | Beautiful lovely princess Hair Band




IMG_98211Hope you enjoyed reading it. I would love to know your shopping experience with DressLink.
Till then, have a great weekend ahead.