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Milestone : Half Birthday of Twins

Time flies. Just few months back I was pregnant and now my little ones are 6 month old. Needless to mention, it was such an emotional and happy period for our family. It was a period of self-realization, pleasure, love, sacrifice, self-strength and lots of patience. I realized that being a mother is a biggest happiness and toughest challenge in this world (so much is expected out of you). Motherhood is a mixture of emotions and it has so many different stages.
Facts to smile about :

  • I am not so fond of reading books and those thick novels literally scares me. I can convince myself for magazines or newspaper but a definite ‘No’ for novels. And the awesome part was that I loved reading during pregnancy up till now. Off course, books were all related to babies stuffs but then too they were no less than those thick novels. I hope, that’s what people refer by saying  ‘You change when you become mother.’
  • Expectation puts a lot of pressure on women to be good in kitchen, marriage, family, work and in social life. Just forget about everyone and just enjoy what makes you at peace. Give yourself a break ladies because ‘you are worth it.’
  • Few challenges – Resuming back to Gym. It’s been a long time that I haven’t really hit the gym, occasionally I went but was too tired to exercise for more than 30 min. Hoping, I can be regular with gym before Year 2014 comes.
  • Smile more often.
  • With twins you can’t imagine to sit idle for a couple of minutes. It gets difficult to even do your basics, if you are handling them alone. So ‘prep-up’ with lots and lots of patience.
  • Your confidence level increases with motherhood.
  • Now actually you can understand when other parents say ‘ Parenting is a tough job’.
  • You will find in your babies ‘Fan of the Lifetime’. All they want to see, eat and enjoy is just ‘YOU’ mamma.
  • One thing doesn’t change within you is your aspirations and dreams. They may get prioritized to lowest most but they live within you. Don’t let them die.
  • Every other parents say ‘ You will remember these days.’ I still have to realize what they mean.

If you are a mom, it’s given that you will click lots of pictures of babies. So did I and here’s a small glimpse of this journey –

World1World2They are nothing but sheer blessing for us and I wish they keep growing healthy and strong forever.
A handful of no regrets but sheer pleasure.

Little Bundle & Time management

Dedicated to all wonderful mothers out their who dare to dream big while nurturing the bright future.

Quite often, I receive a familiar smile from strangers when they see me and my husband with double stroller carrying our twin babies. Some smile with the thought of appreciation and others for parenting load. Countless times, I am asked to be proud of myself  and my family.  People quoted to me –

“You must be having sleepless nights, Eh ?” – a stranger.

“You both are smiling even after twins, you must be proud of yourself !!” – a mother  in a family room.

” Do you guys still remember what sleep means?” – a father with a grin in an elevator.

” Wow, that’s super cool..u are having twins boy-girl.. perfect a million dollar family !!” – a cab driver.

” You are doing great, trust me !!” – a fellow twin mom.

“Are you still blogging? Damn, how you find time ?” – a friend.

“So your diaper box just lasts for few nights!!” – a cashier, while shopping for jumbo diaper box from Loblaws.


I feel so motivated when I hear these words from strangers and friends. Only question which strikes my mind is – Is I am really doing the right way? May be.
I just feel that you get these strengths when you become mother. Nobody else, but only your baby can help you get this. I love my babies and at the same time I love doing many others things too, which includes blogging.

How can I do Time Management ?


Here are few things which I do to manage time, especially with twins –

  1. Schedule routine task for them and try to do it on same time.
  2. Talk to your husband and get lot of help from him in household activities.
  3. Don’t wait for babies to get fussy, feed them little before their feeding time.
  4. Maintain a chart mentioning their feeding and diaper change process ( double chart for twins, so you don’t miss any of the babies).
  5. Change their diaper every 2-3 hours and don’t go on the ad strategy for advertising them as extra absorbent. I have noticed, you buy any brand but it gets soiled after 4 hours max.
  6. Train them to sleep at the same time and follow a daily routine bath (or bubble bath) process with massage.
  7. Invest in good swings and cradle for keeping them off the hands. My personal favorite is Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing.
  8. Keep your twins in separate crib so they don’t disturb each other and sleep all through night.
  9. Attend the one, who is in worse state and crying like hell, don’t feel guilty for not able to attend both together.
  10. Babies are just awesome, they cry at one moment and smile at the very next second – learn how to forget and move on from them.
  11. Keep all your baby stocks double and up to date.
  12. Keep yourself in a good mood by taking care of yourself – this is most important else you will be irritated with yourself only.
  13. When they make you go crazy, just leave the room and take a deep breath and come back.
  14. Trust me – nobody is born to be a perfect mother, I think while in journey you discover your motherhood.
  15. Thank god for making you special and trust you with double babies. Smile !!
  16. Join some mummy club or twin mummy club at your nearest location.
  17. Buy double stroller only as two single strollers will kill you if you have twins (personally, I experienced buying both the options and I regret buying 2 single ones).
  18. Last but not least, keep smiling for the beautiful future ahead.

Readers, how do you approach time with your babies ? Do you have set routines to make life easier? Hope many of you can co-relate to mentioned points. I would love to know your magical trick of motherhood. Wish all of you a lovely motherhood ahead and keep the challenge going.

Postpartum Reality

Statutory warning: This is not at all a fashion post by me but true expression of feelings and emotions in my journey of motherhood. And I am taking time-out to write this post while my little babies are sleeping tight and cozy.
Most of you who have read my previous post must be knowing about my new role as twins’ mommy. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best thing that happened to me and, I am sincerely thankful to God for such a wonderful bundle of joy.

I just can’t express my emotion, when my doctor gave me these two babies for the first time. I was thrilled and had tears out of happiness.


With all good things in life comes little bad things and that’s law of nature. On one side I was too overwhelmed and on other side, I was under pressure of new big responsibility. Did you ever had any bad experience or sad moments when you were pregnant? Did you ever had any postpartum depression?

Although most of the women will deny it but global survey reveals that more then 50% people have this at some stage or other.

I am no different, so even I had.

Fortunately, it lasted for 2-3 days for me.

Right after delivery under the  influence of local epidural, I thought my world has changed for better but this thought lasted for few hours. As epidural was wearing off, I was coming close to reality. I was in pain of wear and tear of delivery when I was asked (hospital nurses) to walk around and start attending breastfeeding classes.  A day back, I was so happy being mother and now it was diminishing every moment (pause). I thought I just can’t be a good mother & take care of my babies. I cried with helplessness. My babies were preterm and they needed additional care. I was greatly helped by my family members. They consoled me and brought my confidence back.

Having twins is not a one time deal but doing two projects at the same time and with no excuse.

Although fact remains that it is double the joy and it’s a great pleasure to see your beautiful kids growing together 🙂
I feed them and change diapers and that too for two. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband and great parents who were doing this task equally and even sometimes more. My husband comforted me and assured me that this depression won’t last for long.
And yes he was indeed true.

Advise: Always share your postpartum blues with your partner or family.

Now my babies and I have known each other for long and we understand each other well. Now {pause} I am out of postpartum depression and I enjoy each and every moment with them. Parenting is bit difficult but it is much of fun & learning too. Now I truly believe that I am blessed and lucky to be twins mommy.

I spend most of my time with them and even my sleepless nights just give me assurance that I am a good mommy and I am doing my best 🙂 They taught me to be patient and deal with pressure.

I love you Dia and Diyaan. Thanks for letting me nurture you.